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畢業生可報讀以下英國普理茅斯大學 (Plymouth University, UK) 與香港大學專業進修學院合辦的學位課程:

- 商業管理榮譽理學士

- 國際貿易及營運管理榮譽文學士 -

- 國際供應鏈及船務管理榮譽理學士




  • General English III
  • English for Academic and Professional Purposes Parts I and II
  • English for Business
  • Practical Chinese
  • Mathematics for Finance
  • Intra- and Interpersonal Competencies
  • Introduction to Multimedia

Year 1

  • Introduction to Finance
  • Understanding Financial Instruments
  • Introduction to International Trade Management & Strategy
  • Fundamentals of International Business Management
  • Microeconomics
  • Principles of Accounting 
  • The Business Environment and Global Marketplace

Year 2

  • International Physical Distribution
  • International Marketing
  • Principles of Banking
  • Data Management in Business
  • Macroeconomics
  • Managing Purchasing Performance & Supply Relationships
  • Business Law of HK and PRC

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Wong Yat Kwan Rosen
Wong Yat Kwan Rosen
  • Student of Higher Diploma in Business (Global Business Management) Year 1

Global Business Management (GBM) is a rather unique programme when comparing with other business courses in HKU SPACE CC. For other programmes, they mostly focus on examining and providing the existing knowledge of curtain subjects, while for GBM semester 1, the fundamental understanding of financial markets, and the comprehensive, all-rounded strategic analysing skills are much required. For instance, “Understanding Financial Instruments” and “Introduction to Finance” provide us with knowledge and understanding of news regarding the financial markets; “Fundamentals of International Business Management” on the other hand leads us to analyse and make plans for a business in a much broader perspective. I personally find analysing is an exciting process of learning, as in the current business environment, good analysing skills as well as a broadened horizons are highly demanded.

Not just that I have been enjoying my semester 1, I am very much excited for the upcoming semester 2. “Principles of Accounting”, “Microeconomics”, “Introduction to Multimedia” and “The Business Environment and Global Marketplace” are the upcoming lectures and I believe these classes will further build up our foundation in business, and be an inspiration for us to be creative in putting what we have learnt in practice. Last but not the least, the upcoming tour to the manufacturing industry in the Mainland will be a precious experience for us to get a glimpse into ‘REAL’ business. I can’t wait to have a blast in the next semester.

Ogwu Patrick Chukwunwike (Jnr)
Ogwu Patrick Chukwunwike (Jnr)
  • Student of Higher Diploma in Business (Global Business Management) Year 1

This programme helped me a lot most importantly when it came to viewing business management from a global perspective. While studying this programme in my first semester, my mind as well as my learning horizon were expanded. Apart from my learning horizon, the learning atmosphere and the interpersonal relationship between my course mates and I were awkward during the first few lessons but I’m glad to say our relationship became cordial and we got to know more about each other’s culture since culture is a very important aspect in the global world.

Finally, the modules within the programme such as the “Fundamentals of International Business Management” and “Introduction to Finance” were and will be useful while I progress in the later part of my education as well as my future career. So, definitely, I don’t regret choosing this course as my choice of study. I know I can be able to achieve a good pathway through this course and hope to have a fruitful career in future.

Wong Tung Lok
Wong Tung Lok
  • Student of Higher Diploma in Business (Global Business Management) Year 1

This programme provides me with a lot of business knowledge which enables me to know more about the changing global business environment. Semester 1 was the happiest time that I have ever had. There weren't many group projects to do and I could have more time to focus on my individual work and prepare for mid-term tests. Lecturers are very nice. They usually give us a helping hand in our learning process and they always share their opinions in further study opportunities. I also met some friends in the course. This is the most valuable period that I have enjoyed.

Derek Lui
Derek Lui
  • Student of Higher Diploma in Business (Global Business Management) Year 1

Unlike other traditional business-related subjects, the Global Business Management course provides me all-around academic knowledge as well as a new cogitation towards the business environment. In addition to fundamental business knowledge, "Understanding Financial Instruments" and "Introduction to Finance" lecturers would share the global financial issues in the class with their professional analysis. Having attended the classes of "Accounting Principles", "Microeconomics" and "Introduction to Multimedia", I have linked up the relevant concepts with theories in other courses. Both the modules of "The Business Environment and Global Marketplace" and "Fundamentals of International Business Management" cultivate my mind. I am honored to be taught by those lecturers and I now promise to apply what I have learnt in the College to make contributions to our society. Thank you.