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1. 申請人須於香港中學文憑考試生物科考獲第二級或以上成績,或於組合科學(生物)考獲第三級或以上成績;或於香港中學會考生物學/人類生物學取得合格成績,或具同等學歷。

2. 申請人如具牙科手術助理員工作經驗或持有牙科手術助理員證書,將獲個別考慮。

3. 申請人必須對牙齒衛生行業有充分認識。

  • Mathematics and Statistics for Daily Life Applications
  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • General English III
  • English for Academic and Professional Purposes Parts I and II
  • English for Science and Technology
  • Practical Chinese
  • Intra- and Interpersonal Competencies

Problem-based Learning (PBL)

  • Cariology
  • Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics
  • Dental Anatomy
  • Dental Radiography and Radiology
  • General Anatomy and Physiology
  • General Histology
  • General Pathology
  • Microbiology & Infection Control
  • Oral Anatomy and Physiology
  • Oral Histology
  • Oral Pathology
  • Patients with Special Needs
  • Periodontology
  • Pharmacology
  • Preventive Dentistry
  • Behavioural Science
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Fluorides and Fissure Sealant
  • Oral Health Education
  • Mechanical Plaque Control
  • Public Health

Clinical Training

  • Clinical Sessions
  • Plaque Awareness Programme Education
  • Dental Clinic Visits
  • Attachment to the Government Oral Health Education Unit
  • Phantom Head Practice
  • Clinical Report Writing
  • Patient Clinical Assessment
  • Formulation of Treatment Plan
  • Application of Treatment Plan on Patient

Dental Health Education

Under the Guidance and Supervision of a teacher, student dental hygienists work in groups to prepare Waiting Room Display Board in hospital, to plan, design, implement and evaluate a Dental Health Education Project for a specific target group which is of their own interest and to prepare report after presentation.

Oral Radiography

  • Properties and Production of X-rays
  • Principles of Intra-Oral Radiographic Technique
  • Radiation Hazards and Safety Measures for Protection of the Patient & Operator
  • Proper Record Keeping and Processing Periapical and Bite Wing Radiographs
  • Diagnosis of Intra-Oral and Panoramic Radiographic Images

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Lo Wing Yan Winnie
Lo Wing Yan Winnie
  • Graduate of Higher Diploma in Dental Hygiene (2012-14)

Without a doubt, this two-year programme is a very comprehensive course, which has fostered my development as a professional dental hygienist. All the training I received from the course can equip me to practically apply in my dental hygienist career.

The communication skills developed in the Generic Skills Courses improved my language competency and built up my self-confidence.

At the beginning of the course, the Problem-based Learning (PBL) module was definitely a challenge to me because this learning approach was radically new to me. From the presentations in the PBL class, I gradually learnt how to address the compelling practical or theoretical problem, communicate information and ideas to my peers. Proper skills in solving problem were also developed through self-learning and group discussion.

The Clinical Training sessions offered me invaluable hands-on practical experience in managing and treating authentic patients suffering from oral hygiene / health problems. With guidance from the clinical supervisors, I learnt the skills to build rapport with patients and properly deliver treatment to patients who suffer from periodontal disease, dental caries or other oral health problems.

The professional trainings I got from the Higher Diploma in Dental Hygiene programme have undoubtedly been helpful to my career in dental health services. I am proud to be a graduate from this programme and to serve the community in Hong Kong.