課程編號: CC 66 - 702
for HKDSE 學生
2587 3219
2571 8480

香港現時有不少業務推廣活動均以新媒體和社交媒體平台作宣傳途徑, 可見市場對於媒體製作服務的需求呈顯著上升的趨勢,渴求在互動平台上有多元化的媒體製作,故需要一班具有傳播知識、同時又懂得媒體規劃和新媒體技術的新一代 。






西英格蘭大學 (The University of the West of England, Bristol)

  • 媒體文化及實踐(榮譽)文學士

英國密德薩斯大學 (Middlesex University, UK)

  • 新聞、媒體及文化研究(榮譽)文學士

  • 媒體及文化研究(榮譽)文學士

  • 出版、媒體及文化研究(榮譽)文學士

澳洲西澳洲大學 (The University of Western Australia, Australia)

  • 文學士(傳播學)

愛丁堡龍比亞大學 (Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland)

  • 傳播、廣告及公關文學士



  • 媒體製作/編輯

  • 跨媒體設計師

  • 製作助理

  • 數碼傳訊主任/經理

  • 社交媒體專家

  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • Mathematics and Statistics for Daily Life Applications
  • General English III
  • English for Academic and Professional Purposes Parts I & II
  • English for Business
  • Practical Chinese
  • Intra- and Interpersonal Competencies

Year 1

  • Visual Storytelling
  • Motion Graphics for Presentation
  • Media Technology Workshop
  • Web Page Authoring
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Corporate Communications
  • Introduction to Media and Communications

Year 2

  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Principles for New Media Copywriting
  • Digital Video Production
  • Digital Media for E-marketing and Mobile Marketing
  • Strategic Media Planning
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Web Analytics
  • Media and Communication Project

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Wai Ching Yi
Wai Ching Yi
  • 2013-14 Student of Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication (Year 1)

How much would you like to contribute in order to achieve your dream? For me, I think how much you would like to pay would definitely affect how far you may go.

Studying in the New Media and Communication programme (NMC) helps me to explore myself much more than what I expected before. In this programme, you will have chances to learn different techniques, such as the basic techniques of shooting films, creating flash movies, motions graphics, etc.

In this programme, not only will you have to learn practical skills of New Media, but also marketing knowledge. Learning marketing techniques can actually help people who would like to choose planning advertisement area as their job in the future, as this may help to strengthen their knowledge in the marketing area. Thus, this programme is actually very suitable for people who are not yet decided on which profession they would like to choose in the future but are already very interested in learning the series about media.

During the studying life in HKU SPACE CC, NMC programme provides a lot of opportunities for students to join different workshops, such as shooting a documentary for physically disabled people, which is very meaningful and students can learn more different shooting techniques.

The Higher Diploma programme gives you a chance to learn more practical skills in the specific area that you are interested in. For me, I really love producing. So if you are ready to chase your dream, let’s get started! Stop dreaming and start living!

Tang Yee Ting Stephanie
Tang Yee Ting Stephanie
  • 2013-14 Student of Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication (Year 1)

After receiving the result of HKDSE, I chose to study the Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication Programme at HKU SPACE CC. Although New Media and Communication is a new programme, I have great interest in it and it is a unique programme that is related to the new media.

In spite of only just finishing semester 1, I have benefited a lot from the diversity of subjects in the programme. I have gained knowledge and skills in communication and marketing. Also I have learnt how to use different kinds of software such as Flash and Photoshop. I believe all the learning experiences and knowledge will enhance my competitiveness in the future.

Apart from academic studies, lecturers in HKU SPACE CC are always willing to give help to their students and are very experienced in their fields. For example, when we had any problems in writing our report, the lecturers would offer us some advice as to improve the quality of our report. Also, the lecturers will use a more interesting teaching method in the lessons such as if we had a lesson that was related to lighting, we would have some lighting equipment and could try it one by one. Moreover, there are various extra-curricular activities like tours, Photoshop workshops, movie productions, etc.

Fok Chun Kit Kevin
Fok Chun Kit Kevin
  • 2013-14 Student of Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication (Year 1)

After the announcement of the HKDSE result, I decided to apply to the HKU SPACE CC Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication Programme to pursue my interest in filming. This programme provides me with knowledge in media aspect as well as gear usage. From theoretical appliance of media to actual practice of filming, I really had a lot of chances to actualize my dream and passion. Not only media knowledge we have learnt, we do study in marketing and corporate communication which provide us with many choices for our future career. Though I am only a year 1 student now, internships and study tours are being prepared for us during the summer break.

This programme provides us all-rounded foundational knowledge of the media environment of Hong Kong nowadays, which helps us to be well prepared for further study and career.

Hong Kong is promoting innovative industry. Media are more valuable nowadays. This programme is equipping me with essential knowledge and practical techniques of the subject. I believe after graduation, I can pursue my dream and be capable of fulfilling my career needs.

Lau Hoi Ming Harry
Lau Hoi Ming Harry
  • 2013-14 Student of Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication (Year 1)

After having my HKDSE, I realized that my pursuit was not being a doctor or a lawyer but working on media. In my high school life, none of my classmates shared the same dream as me for their future. Most high schools, like mine, did not provide extracurricular activities on media creation, so I could not get much professional knowledge and training in it. Luckily, I got a chance to study the Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication Programme in HKU SPACE CC. This programme gathers students who share the same interests and passions and has provided me with my very first learning experience on media.

Of course, this programme provides courses which are directly related to media creation such as storytelling techniques, shooting perspectives and techniques. Furthermore, business modules on marketing and corporate communications are also included in the curriculum so that we could understand there are many concerns while making the company succeed, apart from just to produce a good-looking video clip.

Besides in-class learning, seminars and workshops were given to students. Listening to industry experts' experience on video shooting, students could learn from their mistakes and successes. After having fundamental knowledge, students could have opportunities for internship in media related works as well as study tours. Mentored by those experienced and professional experts, they could put words into actions. Those chances definitely gave us a valuable experience. I believe I could have a bright future in media after having this 2-year course.