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Executive EducationManagerial Psychology

Managerial Psychology

Managing Minds and Behaviours

One of the most challenging aspects for businesses is to influence people within and outside of an organization.  We provide executive education that offers state-of-the-art knowledge and methods for influencing the behaviours and minds of key stakeholders so as to maximize and sustain organizational via experienced Industrial and organizational psychologists.

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Innovative products and services are the keys to business success, while an additional and equally important factor is the ability to influence human behaviour. Understanding the thinking that fuels what customers want, how to maximize efficiency and what it takes to manage the various personalities that form a company's identity are daily imperatives. MPSY is a unique programme enabling students to implement management methods that can increase and sustain an organization’s growth and development; the knowledge and principles learned can be applied to different types of organizations.
Start 29 MAY 2017 (MON)
Duration 1 year to 2 years