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The kick-off of ten major infrastructure projects and the initiative of high technology industry development by the HKSAR Government will enhance the growth of the engineering industry, and especially accelerate the demand for engineering professionals. To keep pace with market needs, the specialised knowledge and talents of many different engineering positions are needed. Technical professionals should possess the relevant technical and management skills in order to climb the professional ladder. The School offers a range of engineering programmes to provide students with professional knowledge and training that they will need to succeed in future endeavours and become competitive in the workplace.

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Edinburgh Napier University, UK
This programme aims to provide a wide range of engineering as well as management skills to suit market needs. It will be able to meet the educational needs of engineering practitioners who aim at starting a career in the area of engineering management in various engineering fields. There will be six trimesters in total. The entire programme consists of 11 modules.
Start 04 SEP 2017 (MON)
Duration 2 years
Fee To be paid in 3 installments per year and are subject to annual revision.

First Year (Year 3): HK$62,800
Second Year (Year 4): HK$68,800
This programme provides a good foundation concepts in engineering education and prepares students for further studies or acquiring practical knowledge and skills to pursue a career in engineering fields by offering two streams of studies:
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Building Services Technology 
Start 04 SEP 2017 (MON)
Duration 2 years to 3 years
Fee HK$14,800
The programme aims to meet the educational needs of Lift / Escalator Technicians through academic and practical training. Upon successfully completing the programme, graduates will be equipped with technical knowledge and skills and qualified to become a Registered Lift Worker and / or Registered Escalator Worker under the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), provided that they have at least four years of experience in the industry.
Start 04 SEP 2017 (MON)
Duration 4 years
Fee To be paid in 3 installments per year and are subject to annual revision.

HK$26,200 (Year 1)
HK$36,400 (Year 2)
HK$41,600 (Year 3)
HK$28,800 (Year 4)
This programme is positioned as a conversion training for students, who have no prior product design engineering knowledge, to acquire relevant concrete and comprehensive engineering knowledge and skills in order to facilitate them joining into the industry.
Start 02 OCT 2017 (MON)
Duration 16 months
Fee HK$33,800
本課程旨在介紹3D打印的基本知識,有系統地培訓學員設計原型產品的能力,教導他們3D模型製作的實際技術,從而開拓不同商機。本課程適合對3D模型及3D打印感興趣的人士、或已加入相關行業的在職人士進修。 本課程備有專業軟件及器材供學員使用。 
開課日期 2017年10月2日 (星期一)
修業期 6個月
課程費用 HK$12500
開課日期 2017年7月24日 (星期一)
修業期 6日
課程費用 HK$3,150
University of Plymouth, UK
Cyber security is now widely recognised as an international priority, with hacking, malicious code, and data theft being just three of the many reasons why it's vital in the design, development and implementation of today’s IT systems. BSc (Hons) Computer and Information Security delivers a view of security threats and solutions, alongside an essential background in wider IT topics. This is particularly important in light of the national Cyber Security Strategy and the current shortage of related skills in the marketplace. 
Start 25 SEP 2017 (MON)
Duration 2 years
Fee HK$97,000*

* Subject to annual changes
Middlesex University, London
This programme is designed to equip students with practical skills and technical knowledge about computer communications and networks and prepares graduates for a range of careers within the international computer networking industry for employment such as computer network engineers, designing, analysing and developing networks in both large and small organisations; or as managers involved in maintaining and developing computer networks to meet current and future operational and security requirements.
Start 09 OCT 2017 (MON)
Duration 3 years
Fee Approximately HK$129,000* in six instalments (HK$98,400^ + £2,835^)
Registration Fee: £57^

* Subject to exchange rate
^ Subject to annual changes
Advanced Diploma in Computer and Information Security aims to enhance students' comprehension of fundamental concepts, principles and theories in computer and information security which has been spurred by the pervasive use of computer-based applications such as information systems, databases, and computer programming. Students are also given an understanding of computer systems and architecture, access control mechanisms, cryptography algorithms, software security, physical security, security management and risk management as well as computer forensics.
Start 10 JUL 2017 (MON)
Duration 20 months
Fee HK$40,000 paid in 3 instalments.

Note: All fees are subject to change without prior notice.
This course introduces the design, installation, operation and monitoring of building services. Students will be taught how to incorporate mechanical, electrical and sanitary services to buildings so that they are safe, comfortable, efficient and conserving for users, buildings and the environment.
Start 20 JUL 2017 (THU)
Duration 14 weeks
Fee HK$8,250