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Preparatory Course for MSc in Professional Accountancy

New Course | University of London, UK
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University of London, UK
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Start Date
10 Jul 2017 (Mon)
Next intake(s)
0.5 years to 5 years
Course Fee
HK$9200 per module
How to Apply
Deadline on 19 Jun 2017 (Mon)

This preparatory course aims to provide tuition support to students for studying the MSc in Professional Accountancy, University of London (UoL). This MSc programme provides students with an opportunity to develop and apply master's level knowledge, understanding and skills within accountancy and finance-related content.

MSc in Professional Accountancy

The University of London (UoL) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) have developed a ground-breaking programme of study that allows you to complete the MSc in Professional Accountancy and your ACCA professional qualification at the same time.

This route to the ACCA qualification will be of value to accountants aspiring to senior roles and enable them to stand out from the crowd in terms of their qualifications. Compared with the cost of studying for an accountancy qualification and a master’s separately, this will save time and money for many ACCA students. The MSc modules are the first to be recognised by ACCA as counting towards the professional level of the ACCA qualification.

The MSc programme provides students with an opportunity to develop and apply master’s level knowledge, understanding and skills within accountancy and finance related content.

Who will benefit from this programme?

This prestigious master’s level qualification is open exclusively to ACCA students, affiliates and members.

ACCA full members can ‘top-up’ their professional qualification with this master’s degree by taking two modules. 

ACCA students who have passed the fundamentals level (F1 – F9) of the ACCA qualification can opt to continue towards their ACCA qualification by using the master’s degree as an equivalent to two of their final ACCA papers (P4 and P5).

Lead College: University College London (UCL)

The School of Management at University College London is responsible for the academic direction.

The research performed in the School of Management over the last six years has been rated as “world-leading” in the Research Excellence Framework 2014, a system for assessing the quality of research in UK universities.

The School offers programmes in management, technology entrepreneurship, information management for business, management science and business analytics.

Preparatory Course for MSc in Professional Accountancy

Each preparatory course is of 60 hours with an aim to provide tuition support to students for studying the MSc in Professional Accountancy. Comprehensive online learning material is to be provided by UoL and this preparatory course will provide the essential face-to-face tuition teaching support.

Four preparatory courses are to be offered covering the following UoL’s modules:

July 2017 intake* January 2018 intake*
Strategic Financial Management (PAM004)  Strategic Financial Management (PAM004) 
Strategic Performance Management (PAM005) Strategic Performance Management (PAM005)
Strategic Financial Project (PAM006) Strategic Financial Project (PAM006)
Global Issues for the Finance Professional (PAM100)  Global Issues for the Finance Professional (PAM100) 

 *The above offering schedule is subject to change without prior notice.
   Mounting of each course is subject to sufficient enrolment and solely at the discretion of the School. 

Non-Local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance

This is an exempted course under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

  • Contact hour for each preparatory course: 60 hours spanning over 20 weeks

To apply for the Preparatory Course for MSc in Professional Accountancy, applicants must first register with UoL as students of this MSc programme and enrol in the relevant module(s).

Application for this MSc programme with UoL

Applicants must submit an application in line with the procedures and deadlines set out on UoL's website. The ACCA Professional papers (P1 – P7) have been benchmarked at FHEQ level 7.

Key dates for application and registration with UoL (London time) 
  July 2017 session January 2018 session
Application/ Registration Opens 10 April 2017(The application process opens at 11:00 am GMT) 4 September 2017(The application process opens at 11:00 am GMT)
Application deadline 19 June 2017

27 November 2017

Registration deadline 26 June 2017 4 December 2017
Start of first study session 10 July 2017 8 January 2018
Entry Requirements of this MSc Programme

1)  Academic Requirements

  a)  MSc Pathway 1

To qualify to register for the MSc under Pathway 1, an applicant must be a current ACCA Student and must have;

  • passed all the ACCA Fundamental papers F1 –F9 and
  • passed ACCA Professional level papers P1, P2 and P3 papers (or their equivalent).

  b)  MSc Pathway 2

To qualify to register for the MSc under Pathway 2 an applicant must be a current ACCA Member or Affiliate.

If an applicant to Pathway 2 passed the last of the ACCA Professional level papers more than five years ago, they must be able to demonstrate that their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record is compliant with the ACCA policy on CPD since they became a Member. This will include an up to date CPD declaration for the current year. Additionally they are required to successfully complete an 6 week's assessment for the University of London Professional Accountancy Online Preparation Test. The schedule please see UoL's webpage.

The Online Preparatory Test required: Keeping up with Change: Issues for the Financial Professional (offered by Coursera, MOOC)

  c)  Postgraduate Certificate

To qualify to register for the Postgraduate Certificate an applicant must be a current ACCA Student and must have:

  • passed all the ACCA Fundamental papers F1 –F9 or (or their equivalent).

Progression from the Postgraduate Certificate

On successful completion of the ACCA Professional level papers P1, P2 and P3, or their equivalent, the student will be eligible to transfer their registration to the MSc degree under Pathway 1. Accredited prior learning of 90 credits will be granted for ACCA papers P1, P2 and P3 and the MSc will be awarded on satisfactory completion of two University of London option modules and the compulsory project.

2)    English Language Requirements

A student will meet the English language requirement if they:

  • have passed the English version of ACCA Fundamental papers F1 – F9 papers (or gained exemption by completion of an English-medium undergraduate degree approved by ACCA), or
  • have passed the English version of ACCA Professional level papers P1, P2 or P3, or
  • are a current ACCA Member or Affiliate.

Applicants who have not met any of the above must have passed, within the past three years, a test of proficiency in English language, from an organisation acceptable to the University. This standard must be reached before registering for the MSc or the Postgraduate Certificate.

Course Fee
  • Course Fee : HK$9200 per module (Fees are reviewed annually and subject to change without prior notice. Mounting of each course is subject to sufficient enrolment and solely at the discretion of the School.)

Application Form Application Form

Enrolment Method

Please submit the application form and payment in person to any of enrolment counters.

Important Notes

To apply for this Preparatory Course, applicants must first register with University of London as students of the MSc in Professional Accountancy programme and enrol in the relevant module(s). 

Payment Method
  1. Fees paid are not refundable and transferable except as statutorily provided or under very exceptional circumstances.
  2. For details of payment method, please click here.