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Business Communication & Public Speaking Skills Through Theatre-Based Voice & Stage Speech Training


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Programme/Course Code: BEWS9002 | MS 19-081-18 (51)
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Course Description

Executives of the modern time require more than technical skills to be effective and successful. While educational programmes offered by traditional universities and colleges covers many of functional/technical knowledge (hard skills), the development of soft skills has been long neglected. Traditional programmes also suffer the weakness of lacking of integration into practical domain. Theories, skills and even mentalities are all delivered through classroom trainings. From pedagogical perspective, it is least preferred and far from effective.

This programme is part of the Executive Soft Skills (Theatre-based Training) Series. It aims to develop students' professional skills in communication and speech on stage through the theatre-based activities and spiritual practices with meditation and yoga. It is an innovative course for the holistic learning experience of physical body movement, language usage and spirit control for conducting the public speaking.

In the learning process, students are able to enhance self-confidence and creativity, improve interaction and speech skills, and manage the stage fright for public speaking with the continuous guidance and feedback from the tutors during the practice.

Days / Time

  • Monday 6:30pm - 9:30pm


  • 10 session(s)
  • 3 hours per meeting


  • Ms. Saldon Wu

Medium of Instruction

  • Cantonese supplemented with English

Tutor's Profile

Ms. Saldon Wu

“Developing Public Speaking Skills through Theatre-Based BodySpeech and Mind Training

Ms Saldon Wu was graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with Distinction and received the Outstanding Actress Award.  She attained her Master Degree in Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong. 

Ms Wu has been Assistant Creative Director of the Metro Broadcast Corporation Ltd. and Event Producer of Wharf CableTelevision.  She has also been Project Manager of the University of Hong Kong, focused on research projects that apply traditional wisdom to deal with modern issues.

Programme Structure

  1. The human: mechanism and projection
  2. The arts of meditation and stress control
  3. Body gesture and movement; reaction to rhythm and precision of pronunciation
  4. Interaction and improvisational drama
  5. Tone and voice control; the use and control of energy
  6. Sense memory
  7. Emotional memory
  8. Imagination and self-confidence
  9. Self awareness - the mirror exercise
  10. Presentation assignment
  • The content and delivery of the module will subject to fine tuning bases on the background and progress of students.

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Application Deadline

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To be advised

* The programme team reserves the right to change the above timetable if necessary.

Course Fee

HK$3,700 per programme

Enrolment Method

Payment Method

The CEF Institution Code of HKU SPACE is 100

CEF Sector: Business Services
CEF Course Code CEF Course Title Fees Enquiry No.
21Z07110-6 Business Communication & Public Speaking Skills Through Theatre-Based Voice & Stage Speech Training
$3,700 2520-4607
Continuing Education Fund
This programme has been included in the list of CEF reimbursable programmes. Application for CEF has to be made before commencement of the programme.