Newsletter Issue No. 78

05 學院網站帳戶系統隆重登場 The School’s website account logon system was officially launched The School’s website account logon system was officially launched 香港大學專業進修學院網站帳戶系統已於 2022 年 9 月 27 日正式登場,是本港首個可供使用者建立帳 戶的高等教育機構網站,開創了本港高等教育界的 先河。 學院網站帳戶的開設旨在:為使用者提供個人化的 瀏覽體驗;強化網頁及電郵內容的相關性;提高學 院與學生之間的互動,進一步提升彼此的聯繫;收 集數據以協助學院制訂拓展課程的策略。使用者只 須填寫簡單個人資料、工作目標及興趣,便可成功 建立帳戶;將網站帳戶連結至學生帳戶,更可獲得 最佳使用體驗。 建立帳戶後可專享四大個人化功能: 1. 精選課程及活動推介:系統根據使用者於網站帳 戶填寫的個人資料及於網頁上的足迹,向他們推 介合適的課程及活動。 2. 課程書籤及比較:每個課程皆設有「加入我的書 籤」及「加入課程比較」功能,用戶不僅可輕鬆 獲得課程資料,更可同一時間比較多達三個課程 的異同。 3. 快捷活動登記:登入網站帳戶後,用戶在報名參 加活動時,其基本個人資料已預先載入,報名程 序更簡單快捷。 4. 個人化電郵通知:推介為用戶度身挑選的課程及 活動、已加入書籤的課程及相關活動的最新資 訊,以及學院特別活動邀請等等。 學院持續不斷優化網站體驗,往後將舉辦不同類型 活動供已註冊帳戶的學生參加,以促進學院與學生 的聯繫,並提升學生對學院的歸屬感。 The HKU SPACE websi te account logon system was of f icial ly launched on the 27 September 2022. This is the first website for a higher education institution in Hong Kong that allows users to create accounts, setting a precedent for Hong Kong's higher education sector. The School’s purpose for providing the website account is to provide a personalised browsing experience to users, and enhance website and email content relevancy. The aim is to improve the School’s interactions with its students, further enhancing the relationships between them. It also helps to collect data, thus assisting the School wi th enhancing programme development strategies. Users only need to fill in simple personal information, career goa l s and i nteres ts , i n order to successfully create an account. Moreover, users can link their website accounts to their student accounts for the best experience. After creating an account, users can enjoy four exclusive personalised features: 1. Programme and Event Recommendation: The system recommends suitable courses and events to users based on their personal profile and webpage footprint. 2. Programme Bookmark and Comparison: Each course has the “Add to My Bookmarks” and “Add to Compar i son” func t i ons , al lowing users to not only easi ly obtain course information, but also to compare the similarities and differences of up to three courses at the same time. 3. Quick Event Registration: After logging in to their website account, participant personal information will be pre-loaded when the user registers for an event, making the registration procedure faster and more convenient. 4. Personal ised Emai l Not i f icat ion: The system recommends courses and events tai lored for users, providing the latest information on their bookmarked courses and relevant events, invitations to special events at the School, etc. The School wi l l cont inue to opt imise the website experience. In the future, it will also hold different types of activities for students who have registered accounts to participate in, promoting the relationship between the School and the students, and enhancing the students’ sense of belonging to the School. 學院網站帳戶系統 隆重登場