Newsletter Issue No. 78

09 微證書 為職場競爭力加分 Acquiring Microcredentials to accelerate your career 香港大學專業進修學院欣然推出微證書,為有志 進修人士提供更具彈性的學習空間和模式。 微證書是一股全球新趨勢——為進修人士提供與 工作及專業相關的短期獨立課程或不同類型的短 期興趣班,並向畢業同學頒發數碼證書或徽章。 微證書的特點是「可堆疊的」。進修人士可以積累 學分以獲得證書或文憑資格。大部分微證書課程 為期 30 小時,一般為 6 或 9 學分,少數課程可 能需要較長時間。微證書學分一般有效期為 5 年, 累積滿 30 學分可獲頒證書、滿 60 學分可獲頒文 憑;並視乎微證書的科目性質而獲得普通學科證 書 / 文憑或專業實踐證書 / 文憑,後者要求百分之 七十五的學分必須在專業領域修讀,否則便將獲 授普通學科證書 / 文憑學銜。香港大學專業進修 學院亦要求,凡資歷架構課程所配對的學銜,當中 百分之七十五的學分必須達致相關資歷架構級別。 此外,許多微證書皆屬於持續進修基金課程範圍, 學生可向持續進修基金申請資助。 微證書乃根據不同課程主題發出。進修人士在某 個課程主題內累積微證書,所獲學銜將會以括號 列明其專修主題,例如:專業實踐證書(人工智能) 或專業實踐文憑(職場心理學)。 微證書將於 2023 年推出,更多細節將於稍後在學 院網站上公佈。 T h e S c h o o l i s p l e a s e d t o i n t r o d u c e Microcredentials at HKU SPACE to better serve the learning community. Microcredentials are a worldwide trend to of fer learners shor t, standalone courses relevant to careers and professions or for general interest. A digital certificate or digital badge will be issued to successful learners. Another feature is that the Microcredentials are “stackable”. That is, that learners may accumulate them to earn a cer t i f icate or diploma. Most Microcredentials are shor t courses of about 30 contact hours, usually 6 or 9 credits, though a few are longer. These can be accumulated, are normally valid over a 5-year period and lead to a Certificate (30 credits) or Diploma (60 credits). These awards will carry the title of Certificate/Diploma in Professional Practice or Certificate/Diploma in General Studies depending on the nature of the Microcredentials. For the Professional Practice title, 75% of the credits must be in a professional area, otherwise the General Studies award will be made. Also, as per existing School practice, the QF Level of the award requires 75% of the credits at that QF Level. In addition, students will find that many of the Microcredentials are CEF eligible so that application for financial support may be made to the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) of the HK Government. They are also presented in number of themes and those who stack Microcredentials within a theme will also have that theme in brackets as par ts of the award, e.g. Cer t i f icate in Professional Practice (Artificial Intelligence) or Diploma in Professional Practice (Workplace Psychology). Microcredentials will be introduced in 2023 and more details will be announced in the School website later. Acquiring Microcredentials to accelerate your career 為職場競爭力加分 微證書