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Advanced Diploma in Computer and Information Security aims to enhance students' comprehension of fundamental concepts, principles and theories in computer and information security which has been spurred by the pervasive use of computer-based applications such as information systems, databases, and computer programming. Students are also given an understanding of computer systems and architecture, access control mechanisms, cryptography algorithms, software security, physical security, security management and risk management as well as computer forensic technology.
Start 03 JUL 2018 (TUE)
Duration 20 months
Fee HK$40,000 paid in 3 instalments.

Note: All fees are subject to change without prior notice.
物聯網是指將設備及產品連接到互聯網,配備數據收集及通訊功能,提高市民的生活質素。物聯網技術已應用於零售、醫護、物流、城市管理、公共服務和許多其他服務行業,具有龐大的發展潛力。有研究預測,到了 2020 年,全球將有超過五百億件物件連接到互聯網,成為物聯網的一員。
開課日期 待定
修業期 1個月
課程費用 HK$2500
The programme is designed to help students in developing skills and understanding of the real life applications of big data and machine learning. The programme involves introducing students to the key concepts of big data and machine learning as well as applying those concepts into different industries.
Start 03 NOV 2018 (SAT)
Duration 5 weeks
Fee $2500
This programme equips students with core theoretical and technical IT knowledge as well as skills to develop business applications and carry out IT supporting tasks for an organisation.  Students can enhance their knowledge and skills in becoming a computer networking professional or computer programmer.
Start 25 JUN 2018 (MON)
Duration 20 months to 4 years
Fee Total programme fee: HK$46,200 paid in 3 instalments (HK$15,400 per instalment)

Note: All fees are subject to change without prior notice.
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are new fields that hold many promises for Businesses and knowledge workers.
Start 02 JUN 2018 (SAT)
Duration 2 hours
Fee $500
The cloud computing market in Hong Kong continues to grow since 2016. With the maturity of cloud computing architecture, foundation and technologies. The adoption of cloud technologies keeps increasing. Many Hong Kong enterprises have realized the advantages of cloud. They are willing to leverage cloud services to boost their business performance and to create innovative service offerings. With the increasing volume of data will be stored on clouds, there is a strong demand for cloud computing technology professionals in Hong Kong.
Start 12 JUN 2018 (TUE)
Duration 2 months to 3 months
Fee HK$6000
This bachelor degree programme (Bsc) is designed to equip students with practical skills and technical knowledge about computer communications, systems and networks. This bachelor degree proramme also prepares graduates for a range of careers within the international computer networking industry for employment such as computer network engineers, designing, analysing and developing networks in both large and small organisations; or as managers involved in maintaining and developing computer networks to meet current and future operational and security requirements.
Start 02 OCT 2018 (TUE)
Duration 3 years
Fee Approximately HK$129,000* in six instalments (HK$98,400^ + £2,835^)
Registration Fee: £57^

* Subject to exchange rate
^ Subject to annual changes
本證書課程為期一年, 特別針對中學會考/文憑、 毅進計劃及「I.T.種子」畢業生。課程內容包括基本電腦程式編寫, 網頁製作, 區域網絡及商業資訊系統等用以支援商業業務運作, 除此之外, 本課程還包括企業及管理基礎單元, 為畢業生就業或持續進修開拓更多不同出路。
開課日期 2018年6月4日 (星期一)
修業期 1年
課程費用 HK$19,800
隨著物聯網 (Internet of Everything,簡稱 IoE) 及開源硬體發展愈趨成熟,我們可以更輕易利用科技改變生活。課程會利用不同電子元件(如 pcDuino)及透過編寫簡單程式碼,開發有趣的智能家居設備。
開課日期 待定
修業期 5個星期
Cyber security is now widely recognised as an international priority, with hacking, malicious code, and data theft being just three of the many reasons why it's vital in the design, development and implementation of today’s IT systems. Unlike traditaional bachelor degree programme (BSc) in Computer Science, this bachelor degree programme (BSc) in Computer and Information Security delivers a view of security threats and solutions, alongside an essential background in wider IT topics and technology. This is particularly important in light of the national Cyber Security Strategy and the current shortage of related skills in the marketplace.
Start 24 SEP 2018 (MON)
Duration 2 years
Fee HK$97,000* in four instalments (Year 2: HK$40,000; Year 3: HK$57,000)

* Subject to annual changes
This course is designed for programmers with a basic background to extend their programming skills, in developing applications for Apple handheld devices in the iOS platform. Students will be able to apply the programming skills in their own application development.
Start To be advised
Duration 5 weeks