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Communication and Culture

The name “Communication and Culture” umbrellas a broad array of award-bearing and non-award bearing courses and programmes in the areas of journalism and media studies, advertising and public relations, as well as curating and collecting art and most recently, behavioral analysis and investigative interviewing.

Many of the courses and programmes we offer are run in collaboration with renowned overseas partners such as the University of the Arts London and the University of Western Australia.  We also invited niche institutions such as the Emotional Intelligence Academy to run short executive programmes for working adults who are interested in communication and behavior analysis.

Emotional Intelligence Academy, UK
The executive programme is the first of its kind in Hong Kong that aims to take a closer look at the subtleties of communication and how it relates to truthfulness and credibility. 

The 3-day intensive programme will be delivered by fly-in experts from Emotional Intelligence Academy (EIA), which operates internationally with a range of courses in forensic communication and emotional awareness.  Classes will be conducted primarily in English but will be supplemented with Cantonese.  For details about EIA, please see
Start To be advised
Duration 3 days
Fee HK$18,000
Chelsea College of Arts
This programme is run by HKU SPACE in collaboration with the Chelsea College of Arts (CCA), University of the Arts London.
The intensive three-day programme is delivered by a lecturer/curator from London and will examine the practice of contemporary curating across international contexts and working arts environments. More specifically, it focuses on the role of the curator who operates within a wide range of social, political, and economic circumstances. The programme aims to help students understand better the decisions, strategies, and approaches that inform and define the work of curators today.
Start 27 SEP 2019 (FRI)
Duration 3 days
Fee Early-bird Discount: HK$18,000
Standard Course Fee: HK$20,000
Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

The programme is run by HKU SPACE in collaboration with Central Saint Martins (CSM), University of the Arts London. It is tailor-made for novice art collectors and business professionals who will take part in this intensive three-day programme delivered by a Central Saint Martins’ lecturer from London. 

Start 22 NOV 2019 (FRI)
Duration 3 days
Fee Early-bird Discount: HK$18,000
Standard Course Fee: HK$20,000
Korean art has a tradition going back thousands of years. Throughout the ages, Korean art has developed into a unique style which is highly praised and revered by artists and art lovers around the world. Korean ceramics, including white porcelains, Buncheong wares, and celadon, are renowned for their unique style and technique. Traditional art performance such as Pansori (Korean folk opera) and Buchaechum (fan dance) are widely recognized for their aesthetic qualities. Works of contemporary artists such as Nam June Paik and Park Soeun have also received attention throughout the world.  
Start 26 SEP 2019 (THU)
Duration 5 days
Fee HK$4,800 (payable to "HKU SPACE")

HK$4,000 - HK$6,000* per adult Services Fee (payment to travel agency for flights and accommodation)
* Fee depends on the room type and no. of participants.


開課日期 待定
修業期 5個星期
課程費用 HK$5000
一邪雙飛三絕掌, 星星月亮並太陽——作為曾經星光熠熠的「東方荷李活」, 五六十年代的黑白片演化到伊士曼七彩, 在香港大量拍攝的國粵語片, 所反映的當時香港式生活, 時尚, 各階層的喜好等細節, 一直被低估和忽視——譬如在今天, 繁體字簡體字爭拗屢見不鮮, 殊不知當時非「長鳳新」系列電影的片頭, 像電懋《南北和》(1961)裏出現的美術字, 便夾雜了「簡筆字/減筆字」, 觀眾並不以為忤。
開課日期 2019年9月8日 (星期日)
修業期 5個星期
課程費用 HK$1,500
The programme aims to develop the study of media and cultural institutions, ideologies and policies as part of social and economic reality. Its design has a specific rationale, beginning from a semester which aims to provide a comprehensive foundation in research methods and critical approaches to media and cultural studies, through another semester which provides a grounding in the media (including social media) and then visual and socio-cultural content, giving graduates the possibility of undergoing further study in media and cultural studies, communication studies, creative industries, arts and cultural management.
Start 01 SEP 2019 (SUN)
Duration 7 months
Fee HK$39,000
Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London
MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise is the first-of-its-kind Master's programme offered in both London and Hong Kong by Central Saint Martins, a leading institute in arts and design education for 150 years under UAL, a world Top 2 university for art and design.  

cknowledging the need for multi-skilled individuals who can both generate ideas for original arts and cultural events, and provide leadership for the teams that realise them, the programme targets at graduates with some work experience who wish to challenge themselves by developing innovative approaches to arts management and cultural production. 
Start 11 JAN 2020 (SAT)
Duration 2 years
Fee HK$175,000* (Payable in four equal installments)
*The tuition fee is subject to annual review.
London College of Communication, University of the Arts London
MA Media, Communications and Critical Practice is a unique programme that explores contemporary media and communications alongside the cultural and creative industries. Work-place learning forms an integral part of this programme, which makes it very suitable for media professionals or career conversion.

With its emphasis on transforming media and cultural practices, the programme offers a broad approach that spans different sectors. More specifically, it is designed for postgraduate students considering a career in the media, culture or media arts industries, or those who want to work in research and education in such areas. 
Start 01 SEP 2019 (SUN)
Duration 16 months
Fee HK$130,500
Edinburgh Napier University, UK
Committed first and foremost to producing effective and reflective practitioners, this programme is contemporary and cutting edge, focusing on providing students with the knowledge both theoretically and practically to have a successful career in advertising, corporate/ organisational communication, media relations, branding, employee communication, and PR. Students will develop an excellent understanding of communication, advertising and PR principles. Working both on their own and as part of a team, students will also gain transferable skills and develop their confidence in presenting work and ideas to their peers, lecturers and professionals in the industry.
Start 16 SEP 2019 (MON)
Duration 14 months
Fee Tuition Fee
$26,500 (Trimester 1)
$26,500 (Trimester 2)
$27,000 (Trimester 3)

Bridging Module Fee
HK$2,800 (for non-media/ marketing/ PR graduates)


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