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Executive Workshop

Establish holistic views of specialist business areas, identify key opportunities, gain insights and inspirations for emerging leaders who seek exponential personal and business growth.

Through the executive workshops, busy executives will be able to effectively master the latest perspectives, techniques and solutions to highly-relevant business challenges. Executives will also be able to develop interesting ideas via guided discussions with other workshop participants.

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Overview of our workshops


  • Big Data Analytics Actualization for Business Executives
  • Managing Cultural Differences in Negotiations Workshop - Elementary
  • Managing Cultural Differences in Negotiations Workshop - Intermediate
  • New Business Opportunities in the World of Smart Cities and IoTs
  • Advance Business Dispute Resolution in Practice
  • Business Startup & Tax Strategies in Cambodia
  • Business Startup & Tax Strategies in Myanmar


  • Effective Family Business Transformation Strategy
  • ROI Driven Disruptive Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Audit and ROI


  • Self-Coaching for Career Success with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methodology
  • Leadership Excellence through Understanding Your Own Personality and Emotional Intelligence
  • Creativity Training with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methodology
  • Personalized Approach to Apply Positive Psychology for Your Leadership Style
  • Leadership Excellence through Emotional Intelligence 
  • Brand Your Positive Leadership
  • Psychological Approach in Empathetic Marketing 
  • Positive Psychology for Leadership


  • AI Fintech Stocks Investment Strategy 2018
  • Options Trading and Strategies Development Workshop
  • Secrets of Storytelling for Financial Executives


General Enquiry

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The Academy is pleased to have RADICA to launch this workshop. This 4-night course is specially designed for the senior executives to grasp the main concepts about how to kick-off a big data initiative and actualise the ideas into real actions.
Start To be advised
Duration 4 days
Fee HK$8400
How do you see yourself within a couple of years? How can you redesign your career in a structural way? “YOU are the CEO of your own company, which is yourself” (P. Drucker).  Self-Coaching is where YOU are in total control, by working through the very powerful Self Coaching workshop with the empowerment of LEGO Serious Play, you will create your own personal goals, tasks and ambitions. 
Start To be advised
Duration 6 hours
Fee HK$3000

Leaders lacking in emotional intelligence will likely fail to engage others at heart or mobilize their team members to achieve high performance. Therefore, it is paramount for leaders to increase self-awareness, to develop their emotional intelligence and learn to apply it situationally in a versatile way.​ The workshop aims to equip participants with better understanding of their own personalities and working styles to increase self-awareness and where they can apply their strengths and where to further develop as a leader with emotional intelligence.

Start 29 NOV 2017 (WED)
Duration 6 hours
Fee HK$5000
Creativity is not an accident. It could be happened in a systematic process, though it is not easy (especially in a group environment). LEGO Serious Play is a powerful method to solve the problem, explore ideas and achieve objectives developed by the LEGO Company.  The process of building bricks and making something prompts the brain to work in a different way, unlocking new perspectives.  LEGO Serious Play is like making 3D prints of your own thoughts.  It allows others to see your thought and ask questions about them.
Start 14 DEC 2017 (THU)
Duration 6 hours
Fee HK$3000
The workshop aims to provide its participants an understanding on AI Fintech stocks investment strategy, its practical trading skills and the trend of AI Fintech stock in 2018. The workshop also introduces some new investment contributing factors such as blood type in order to widen traders’ investment scope with non-traditional way.
Start 06 JAN 2018 (SAT)
Duration 6 hours
Fee HK$3000
Outstanding leaders know that their success in performance does not just come from their professional knowledge, but also from how skilful they are in applying their emotional intelligence to manage their own and others’ emotions. This workshop is designed for Business Leaders, HR Specialists and Professionals who need to create a healthy, productive workplace and organisational culture by enhancing their overall effectiveness in Emotional Intelligence.

Start 09 JAN 2018 (TUE)
Duration 12 hours
Fee HK$6000

The workshop aims to offer its participants an overview of the issues of family run businesses and introduce strategies and options for corporate transformation. The course will elaborate ways to redefine corporate development priorities and how the organization structure and resources can be re-aligned to support future growth. Real-life case studies will be shared as references to assist participants to apply the different business transformational and managerial approaches in the current business environment.

Start 11 JAN 2018 (THU)
Duration 6 hours
Fee HK$3000
This workshop sets a foundation to understand Positive Psychology theories and their application in the workplace for Leaders and ways to develop your Positive Leadership Brand. It is designed to provide assessments, knowledge and techniques for participants to kick-start the building or renewing of their leadership style and gain the confidence in communicating their brand strengths.
Start 12 JAN 2018 (FRI)
Duration 6 hours
Fee HK$3000
The workshop aims to provide its participants an understanding on the options trading methodologies. Explore the analytic framework of developing trading strategies on stock price characteristics like a professional trader does, to equip the mindset of trading with non-traditional way.
Start 03 FEB 2018 (SAT)
Duration 6 hours
Fee HK$3000
Your clients and negotiation partners may come from nations all around the world. Your abilities to understand your own negotiation style, to handle barriers as results of cultural differences, to gain trust from your partners and create joint gains make an enormous impact on the outcomes of a negotiation. This workshop uses a research-based and scenario driven approach to unravel the skills you need to learn to become a successful negotiator in a multicultural setting.
Start 09 FEB 2018 (FRI)
Duration 4 hours
Fee HK$2000


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