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Innovative Marketing

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Best practices in marketing are constantly evolving with new theories, methods and channels that must be orchestrated around customers’ needs, expectations, and behaviours.  We provide executive education that disseminates the latest developments in branding, strategy, marketing management, retail, digital and B2B marketing only through leading marketing professionals.

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Have you ever wondered if your marketing activities are really effective?  Are the resources deployed in an efficient way that the maximum return can be achieved?  Too many companies ignore the fact that there is a lack of concrete understanding in marketing effectiveness. This workshop is designed for CMOs, marketing professionals and senior executives who are in charge of a company’s marketing strategies, and want to ensure the highest return from their marketing investments.
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Duration 14 hours
Fee HK$6000

This workshop aims to offer its participants an overview of the issues of family run businesses and introduce strategies and options for corporate transformation. It will elaborate ways to redefine corporate development priorities and how the organization structure and resources can be re-aligned to support future growth. Real-life case studies will be shared as references to assist participants to apply the different business transformational and managerial approaches in the current business environment.

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Duration 6 hours
Fee HK$3000


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