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2016 Spring Prospectus2017 Spring Prospectus is now on shelf. You can obtain a copy from any of our learning centres or distribution points below:


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Resolve To Be A Better You This Year 

The start of a new year is traditionally a time to take stock of where we are, how we’re doing and make plans for the future. One of the best plans we can make is to learn something new. And the reason is simple. Learning lasts forever. Gaining a new skill, or a new level of understanding in an area that interests us, or acquiring a new professional qualification can not only improve our lives right now, but also change our future.

At the beginning of each year at HKU SPACE, we also make plans for the coming months, and this year we have launched a number of exciting and enriching new programmes that can help you live better, feel better, and perform better in your daily life and at work.

New study programmes for 2017