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Don’t follow your dream, chase it!

Don’t follow your dream, chase it!

“I want a promotion and a pay rise”,“I want to learn new skills”, “I want to rediscover the passions I had when I was a kid”. ‘Plans’ like these may sound all too familiar to family and friends who have heard them all before. Perhaps so many times, they no longer believe you will ever do anything about them.

Wanting something is easy, making it real, requires determination and action. However, you need to take a first step, or your plans may simply fade away. Perhaps your plan could be to learn something new in the current turbulent time and unpredictable job market, or to bump up your skills to find a new horizon and wait for the chance to fly.

Experienced, qualified professionals are in great demand in many walks of life these days. And everyone needs to keep their skills up to date. Architects need to catch up with new knowledge and technologies. Marketers need new skills in strategic digital and social media communications. Even in highly stable professions like teaching, varieties in job nature is making huge changes that teachers need to even broaden their skills into adult training and vocational education.

Big plans do not have to be career-related. They can be to cultivate yourself to live a fuller and more enriching life. Spirit tasting and Sake appreciation could help you to truly enjoy an aperitif or a nightcap; or learning Aromatherapy could be a retreat from the stresses of the day. Or perhaps you are a beauty guru and might enjoy Chinese medicine beauty studies, and create cosmetic formulas simply for the sheer fun of it.

The Continuing Education Fund (CEF) has now been increased to HK$20,000 for individuals. So there has never been a better time to learn and develop yourself, and get your plans rolling. Take that first step today!







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