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Pivot in the Face of Adversity

The COVID situation is threatening the global economy. In Hong Kong, many people are worrying that the massive layoffs in the aviation industry last month will lead to a ripple effect in tourism, hospitality, retail and other industries. When the unemployment rate increased to 6.4% in the period between July and September, the highest in almost 16 years, and layoffs hit the city like a tidal wave, many people were demoralised by the oppressive atmosphere in their workplaces. So how can we make our way out of this cut-throat situation, into more upstream times?

Invest well

Investing your assets well is important, but so also is investing in yourself. From a human resources perspective, sharpening your present skills or learning new ones can boost your competitiveness and help you stand out. The skills can be as varied as your interests: translation, arbitration and mediation; FinTech and cyber risk management are all popular these days. So even if you get laid off, through no fault of your own, you will still be able to shine in front of potential new employers. And with your positive attitude and pro-active approach, you will be one up on your competitors in terms of your leadership and innovation.

Switch directions

All roads may lead to Rome. But if the road you are on looks like being a dead end, don’t be afraid to take off in another direction! For elite staff in the service sector, your experience could help you transform into butlers for luxury residences and hotels, while flight attendants could step into the private jet industry. The Stay-from-Home economy also offers lots of fresh opportunities: offering Chinese medicine cuisines and double-stewed soups; or becoming an eSports KOL; or starting an online handicraft business. The internet has become the new business battlefield, so grab an opportunity, or find a niche and develop your own business.

Originally, there was nothing on our earth. But as people walked this way and that, and explored new directions, paths began to appear. The Continuing Education Fund (CEF) has now been increased to HK$20,000 for individuals. Make use of this subsidy and your free time to learn, create new possibilities, and open up new paths for your future.

逆流而上 增值轉型覓出路







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