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New Year’s resolution for a better 2021

Have an Ox-cellent Chinese New Year

In the Chinese zodiac, the Ox denotes diligence, hard work, perseverance and honesty. Therefore, in the year of the Ox, we should be as grounded as an ox, and be persistent in our efforts to embrace an abundant new year.

However, how can we maximise all the possi-bull-ities the year might offer us? Step one is obviously to keep yourself in good health, but for optimal physical health, besides muscle toning and stretching, a balanced diet also plays a role in sculpting a strong body. And for mental health, meditation, zen, and music therapy can help you find inner calm, and counter any tendency to grumpy moods or frustration. The second step is to cultivate a spirit of learning. Knowledge is the path to success, and regardless what you learn, be it PR and corporate communications, accounting and finance, or information technology, it will without doubt improve your life.

It is always wise to equip yourself with investment strategies to ensure your future prosperity, but don’t forget to orient yourself properly with Feng Shui. If you are looking to achieve more and build your personal attributes, you could start with Chinese art and culture, explore Chinese calligraphy and landscape painting, or even tap into vast cornucopia of knowledge that lies in health maintenance with Chinese medicine.

Happy “MOO” year!






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Upcoming Events
Have an Ox-cellent Chinese New Year
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