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New Year’s resolution for a better 2021

New Year’s resolution for a better 2021

For many people, 2020 is yet simply a blank slate, so how can we fill in the blank and set some clear and achievable goals for an abundant new year?

Step 1: Be thankful every day

Don’t regret for what you don’t have, be thankful for what you do have. Start making notes about all the good things in your life, and you’ll notice all kinds of little things you have simply take for granted are actually sources of happiness and positivity, like dining with your family, and getting support from your friends.

Step 2: Set measurable goals

Achievement goals like “reading 50 books in the new year”, or habit goals like “exercising for 30 minutes every day” are specific and actionable. The more detailed the goals are, the more motivated you will be to achieve them.

Step 3: Learn something new

Perhaps you already want to learn something new like investment strategies to grow your wealth. Or you could challenge yourself with something outside your comfort zone. It could be learning a new language, or a new profession, or something in the arts or culture. No matter what it is, click the “START LEARNING” button in your head, and you have already taken a big step toward your goal!

As a lifelong learning partner, HKU SPACE is always here to help you on your knowledge journey. After 63 years serving the public, our initial enrolment of 330 students reached an astonishing accumulated total of 3 million in 2020. The School is deeply grateful for the support and trust the community has shown in our institution over the years.

Now, with the emergence of today’s “New Normal”, we will continue to provide ever more diverse programmes, to help you achieve your goals in life no matter what they may be.

Take that important first step now, and start filling up your slate for 2021.

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作為您的終身學習夥伴,HKU SPACE一直陪伴大家左右,經過63年的發展與努力,由首屆只有330人報讀,直至去年底報名人數已累積衝破三百萬人次,學院在此感謝社會各界多年來給予的支持和信賴。隨著社會「新常態」的出現,我們將提供更多課程選擇,助您實現人生中的目標。


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