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Has the cashless era come?

The used to say that Cash is King, but now digital currency is. It’s now in every area of our lives from e-payment apps to online purchases. Public concerns that handling physical cash might even be a route to spreading viruses, has also helped to accelerate the use of digital currency during these COVID-blighted times. The trend is easy to see. Even in little things like grabbing a coffee in a coffee shop, or picking up groceries at the supermarket, you’ll notice a clear shift from cash to digital options. The world is moving to a cashless society, but is there an even greater development potential for digital cash on the horizon and how might it impact our lives?

During the keynote talk at the School’s Open Day this year, Dr King Au, Executive Director of the Financial Services Development Council (FSDC) and Mr Emil Chan, Chairman of the FinTech Committee of the Smart City Consortium (SCC), will share their insights on how digital currency and FinTech have changed and are continuing to change today’s business models, and the opportunities and challenges associated with innovative payment methods. The talk will also touch on how FinTech talent can pivot in the face of adversity, and make their way into more upstream times.

Another upcoming keynote talk will be hosted by Professor Danny Chan, S Y and H Y Cheng Professor in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, The University of Hong Kong and will focus on DNA and health - another hot topic in these viral times.

Altogether, there will be 30 talks in dual-mode covering topics as varied as market trends, the professions, wellness & health, languages, and culture. REGISTER NOW and enjoy gaining knowledge at home or our Admiralty and United Learning Centre!



有見及此,今年OPEN SPACE開放日的重點講座為「數碼貨幣及金融科技重塑全球經濟新格局,邀得兩位業界翹楚 ─ 金融發展局行政總監區景麟博士及智慧城市聯盟金融科技委員會主席陳家豪先生,與大家探討數碼貨幣和金融科技如何改變商業模式,及創新的支付方式為金融市場帶來的機遇和挑戰。金融科技人才成為疫下奇葩,又如何轉型,加入新經濟快車?


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