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HKU SPACE News Express Mar 2022
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善用二萬元 CEF資助 整合工作與生活

Stuck in a rut? Restart your study plan in the Year of the Tiger

When our computer crashes, we are often advised to reboot. When our life is stuck, restarting may be a good idea as well. So why not set a new direction for the new Year of the Tiger? Write down a goal that you can achieve in the next few months and make a visible change.

The pace of digital transformation has accelerated in the COVID era. Now, adding the word "Tech" to almost any topic can subvert traditional imagination. In addition to the popular ArtTech and NFT, how can technology be applied to industries such as finance, medical care and human resources? How can enterprises improve their productivity? Through social media and advertising technology like AdTech, how can small merchants make good use of big data and content marketing strategies to grow and boost sales? Digital transformation is going to bring enormous changes to the world.

If you do not want to live a boring life, break through old barriers, step forward and make a change. Study a new language such as Japanese or Korean, take a course on public speaking or improve your communication skills and language ability. Strive for opportunities to develop yourself overseas, or aim to become a cross-disciplinary talent. Learn accounting theory or business research methods, integrate your multi-disciplinary expertise, and enhance your competitiveness.

In the new year, try to improve your overall well-being while achieving your big plans by paying attention to your physical and mental health. Traditional Chinese medicine is extensive and profound. Practices like massage, food therapy and acupuncture can not only treat many urban diseases, but also help with beauty care. Meditation, counseling, and psychology allow us to experience different realms of the mind and help others while helping ourselves, so we can move forward together when facing adversity.

HKU SPACE offers the largest and broadest selection of over 2,000 reimbursable Continuing Education Fund (CEF) courses in Hong Kong. The latest Budget announced that the Continuing Education Fund will be increased from HKD$20,000 to HKD$25,000, and the upper age limit will be removed, benefiting an additional 760,000 eligible citizens. So why not start your plan immediately, and move towards your goal with the hard work and enthusiasm of a tiger!


虎年重啟學習大計 不讓生活 「卡關」





HKU SPACE是全港擁有最多最廣持續進修基金(CEF)可發還款項課程的專上院校,提供逾2,000個CEF課程。最新一份財政預算案宣布將持續進修基金資助由2萬元提高至2.5萬元,更撤銷年齡上限,惠及額外76萬名合資格人士!立即啟動你的大計,以猛虎的拼勁和熱情,奔向自己的目標!

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