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HKU SPACE News Express May 2022
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Look at the mystery of the future through Open SPACE

What does the future have in store for us?

The pandemic has changed our way of living dramatically over the past few years. As the outbreak appears to be stabilising, working practices and economic development are gradually turning positive. Opening a new chapter for our future, how will Hong Kong change and be affected in the next five years? For the keynote talk at the School’s Open Day this year, Mr Shum Yat-fei, an experienced cultural practitioner, will share his views on Hong Kong’s overall development from 2022 to 2027 and the expectations of the new government by looking at Classical Chinese Combinatorics.

Are you ready for the Metaverse?

Apart from the social environment, technology is also changing the future. The Metaverse in particular may bring humans into a brand new virtual reality. People could play games, hold conversations, grocery shop, watch movies, and do anything you can think of in a virtual universe. But how would this technology, if it happens, change our lives? Dr Lucas Hui, Chief Technology Officer of Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, looks at the possible impacts of the Metaverse on the social environment, entertainment and healthcare.

There will be nearly 30 talks covering topics as varied as market trends, languages and culture, profession and career and wellness and health. Grab the opportunity to explore more about cryptocurrency and NFTs, investigate the relationship between language and culture, and learn how to maintain your physical and mental health.


Open SPACE線上線下開放日,讓你透視未來玄機


一場疫情,在過去數年間改寫了我們生活的日常,隨著疫情漸趨穩定,無論是工作或經濟發展亦逐步重回正軌,甚或邁向新的一頁。面對著時局變遷,到底香港未來5年會變成怎樣呢?今年OPEN SPACE 開放日的重點講座,將由資深文化工作者岑逸飛先生主講 ,以「易經看香港未來五年」為題,從2022年至2027年,每年的值年卦看香港未來五年,並從2024年香港踏入九運後未來五年的走勢,以及為新一屆政府起卦,看看對香港政府施政有何期待。




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