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Jan 2019

1pm Talk - Edward Chin's insights on hedge funds and trading

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HKU SPACE Executive Academy (SEA) | Smart Finance

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Date & time
18Jan 2019 (Fri)13:00 - 14:00
Room 207, HKU SPACE Admiralty Learning Centre
Free of Charge
Mr. Edward C.K. Chin, Hedge Fund Manager & Financial Columnist

Mr. Edward C.K. Chin, Hedge Fund Manager & Financial Columnist

Chin has 20 years of professional experience in securities trading, portfolio management, and hedge funds management. He was a portfolio manager and derivatives trader at TD Securities and a portfolio manager responsible for derivatives and portfolio management accounts at BMO Nesbitt Burns in Toronto, by implementing volatility arbitrage and market neutral trading techniques. After relocating back to Hong Kong from Toronto in 2000, he held the position of Country Manager at Man Investments, the largest global hedge fund listed on the London Stock Exchange and part of the FTSE 100. Chin founded MDE Walters Capital in 2002, a specialist strategy consulting firm that advises the investment banking and financial services sector on funds set up, investment products distribution, hedge funds advisory, trading psychology, and advanced trading strategies in major financial centers in London, New York, and the Asia Pacific Region. Chin writes an investment column at the Apple Daily every Friday. He is a board member of a family office with investments primarily in real estate and equity-based hedge funds. Chin is a Canadian Investment Manager (CIM), a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) and a fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors (FHKIoD). He studied speech communication from the University of Minnesota, graduated from the University of Manitoba in Applied Economics and received an MBA from the University of Toronto.

Tel: 2975 5633; Email: sea@hkuspace.hku.hk

一年之計在於春,現在是好時機檢視您的環球基金投資策略,我們誠邀了資深對沖基金經理及財經專欄作家錢志健先生 (Ed Chin) 與您分享美國和環球市場基金投資的箇中玄機。 





1. 在講座舉行當日報名參加「對沖基金及操盤技巧大拆解(及其他另類投資)」行政人員工作坊及支付學費後,參加者可參與5分鐘「一對一智慧對談」。

2. 「一對一智慧對談」將在工作坊完畢後進行,參加者將在工作坊舉行前收到電郵確認通知相關安排。

3. 參加者如因事不能出席,「一對一智慧對談」將不獲另作安排而自動取消。

4. 一點鐘講堂、工作坊及「一對一智慧對談」將以廣東話輔以英語進行。

5. SEA對上述安排有最終酌情權。