The A.I. Risks at the Age of 5G - from the Big Data Governance Perspectives (6 Jul 2020) - HKU SPACE
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Jul 2020

The A.I. Risks at the Age of 5G - from the Big Data Governance Perspectives (6 Jul 2020)

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| Investment Management

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06Jul 2020 (Mon)19:00 - 19:45
UNC613, 6/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong (Exit D, Admiralty MTR Station)
Prof. Stephen Ng

Prof. Stephen Ng

Prof. Stephen Ng is a seasoned executive for InnoTech ICT and Digital business. He launched many first innotechs in the region, namely the first Broadband, 3G, 4G, e-commerce, m-commerce, Mobile Apps, SaaS cloud, Biometric IDaaS, AI automation, Social Analytics through Machine Learning etc., Graduates of FinTech, AI, and Education from various Universities including Oxford and Bristol. He has obtained professional qualifications including Finance, IT, Security, Psychology, Education, Legal Studies and Management. Professor Ng has taught the existing programme at HKU SPACE with topics related to Big Data, Governance & Compliance over three years as well as delivered the various seminars related to Big Data, AI and FinTech. He has served as Company Doctor and Mentor for Corporates and Startups over years, successfully helping Intellectuals Transfer and Wisdom Inspirations on different dimensions across industries and governments in the region as well as sharing and inspiring Executives at various levels from his rich insights and experiences. Professor Ng was also invited as Honouray Advisor for various international NGOs, forums, academics and professional settings. He has proactively promoted Mindfulness-Based Entreprenuarship & Intelligence Transformations in Public and Private sectors, and proposed the Happiness Value-Chain approach in Business Transformation and Benchmarking on international leadership forums. He has received various awards from government and renowned communities from Tech Gibs to Life Hackings, included NASA, TechCrunch & HKSAR government etc. Currently, he is conducting R&D projects in Blockchain 4.0, RegTech 2.0 designs and various startup projects. He continues serving the MindTech disruptions towards better Humanity and Technological Advancements.

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The Risks of A.I. at the Age of Turmoils with 5G"

During global turmoils and uncertainty situations from the plague outbreaks. We can see something certain, as on more rapid applications of A.I. in dealing more safely and efficiently without human interventions in all courses of lives, especially 5G is launching this year.

Professor Stephen Ng, an industry expert and lecturer for our Big Data Governance & Compliance program,  would liked to share his unique insights on risks associated with A.I. and 5G. Thereby what future of humanity should be heading to.

Welcomed participants from different backgrounds to attend our popular Professor's inspirational talk on layman's language. To explore what's the promising future out of the uncertainty.