Online Executive Certificate / Diploma Information Seminar - Big Data & FinTech Series (4 Aug 20) - HKU SPACE
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Aug 2020

Online Executive Certificate / Diploma Information Seminar - Big Data & FinTech Series (4 Aug 20)

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Online Executive Certificate / Diploma Information Seminar
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| Investment Management

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Big Data Series

Planning to gain more finance related knowledge?

The recent advances in Big Data and AI have major impact on the investment and trading community.  Now different types of alternative data from news, social sentiment to satellite images can be used to construct and manage investment portfolios. Moreover, Machine Learning is applied to stock price predictions while Reinforcement Learning (Alpha-Go) technique is employed into trading strategies discovery.

This programme is suitable for degree holders and Executives who wish to enhance their knowledge and current market practices in the Big Data and FinTech series.

Seminar topics: Course details, entry requirements, assessment requirements.

The seminar will be delivered via online platform. and the registered participants will receive notification with a link for the online seminar by 4 Aug 2020.

This information seminar provides details about:
-Executive Diploma in Financial Analytics  行政人員文憑《金融數據分析》
-Executive Certificate in Banking and Financial Technology  行政人員證書《銀行及金融科技》
-Executive Certificate in Big Data and Business Analytics  行政人員證書《大數據與業務分析》
-Executive Certificate in Big Data and Predictive Analytics  行政人員證書《大數據與預測分析》
-Executive Certificate in Big Data, A.I. and Investing  行政人員證書《大數據,人工智能與投資》
-Executive Certificate in Big Data, Governance and Compliance  行政人員證書《大數據,管治與規範》
-Executive Certificate in Applications of Blockchain in Financial Technology  行政人員證書《區塊鏈在金融科技的應用》

-Executive Certificate in Applied AI and Predictive Analytics for Business  行政人員證書《應用人工智能與商業預測分析》
-Executive Certificate in AI and Deep Learning in Quantitative Finance  行政人員證書《量化投資:人工智能與深度學習》
-Executive Certificate in Applied Business Analytics and Decision Optimization  行政人員證書《應用商業分析與決策優化》

-Executive Certificate in Interpretation and Visualization of Business Big Data  行政人員證書《商業大數據視覺化及資訊演繹》
-Executive Certificate in Financial Decision Making: Big Data and Machine Learning  行政人員證書《財務決策:大數據及機器學習》
Executive Certificate in Text Analytics and NLP with Financial Technology  行政人員證書《金融科技:文字分析與自然語言處理》

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