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Jun 2022

SPACE English - Professional Business English (PBE) and Others (Online)

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Open SPACE 2022

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Date & time
11Jun 2022 (Sat)11:00 - 12:00
  • Ms Cecilia Kak (HKU SPACE Programme Director)

Ms Cecilia Kak

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Relevant Programmes
Certificate in Business English Usage Certificate in Advanced Business English Diploma in Professional Communication (Financial Services)

The competition to get ahead at work today is intense. Improving your English skills may well be one of the best ways of gaining that promotion or securing that new job. Whatever your field of work, the HKU SPACE Professional and Business English (PBE) programmes should help you finetune your skills and communicate with more confidence in English at a higher level in the workplace. 

At the talk, we will go through the new Professional Business English (PBE) Series.  Other new blended learning programmes like IELTS Preparation and Shakespeare’s Words Series will be presented.


Language: English and Cantonese

The School may make available related programme information material at the seminar.
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