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Mar 2023

The Impacts of Sport Injuries and Sport Injury Prevention Programmes

Sports, Exercise and Recreation Management

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Date & time
24Mar 2023 (Fri)13:00 - 14:00 Free
  • Mr Ma Chun-cheong
Mr Ma Chun-cheong

Mr Ma Chun-cheong

MPT (POLYU) MSc Sports Medicine and Health Science (CUHK) NSCA-CSCS NASM-CPT SMA-CST

3762 0862 (

Nowadays, people are increasingly aware of the importance of healthy lifestyle and actively participated in regular exercises. Unfortunately, participants often expose themselves to the risk of sport injuries due to their lack of knowledge about the sport they participated or unfit physical conditions. In this talk, the speaker will share some cases of sport injuries and the cost we pay when we get injured, in terms of time and money. The speaker will also introduce and present some demonstrations of evidence-based injury prevention programmes in sports to help the audience to understand the importance of sport injury prevention.