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Aug 2023
Oct 2023

1 to 1 Consultation for Japanese Sake Study Tour 2023

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Date & time
24Aug 2023 (Thu)10:00 - 18:00 To25Oct 2023 (Wed)10:00 - 18:00
Telephone Call / Zoom Meeting
Free of Charge
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📢Latest News: This tour has been confirmed tour❗

This study tour course is divided into two parts:
(1) Pre-trip workshop (9 hours): 26/10, 2/11 and 9/11 (both Thursdays)
(2) 8 day study tour in Kansai, Japan

Course objectives and expected learning outcomes:

• Learn about the brewing process of Japanese sake and experience it in different breweries;
• Learn about the different types of sake and their flavor characteristics by tasting different sake;
• Learn the matching of sake and different food dishes, and improve the skills and knowledge of sake tasting.

⭐7 major characteristics of this study tour:

• Hands on Japanese Sake brewing experience
• "All-round" tasting of Japanese sake
• Japanese beer learning and tasting
• Uji tea ceremony experience
• Admire the autumn maple leaves
• Deluxe hot spring hotel
• Deluxe food tasting

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