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Nov 2023
Nov 2023

SPACE English Programmes Online Consultation


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SPACE English Online Consultation



Meet the Programme Leader online about

SPACE English Programmes

General English
Professional and Business English
Academic English

Every Tuesday from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm

 on 7, 14, 21, 28 November 2023


  PBE consultation meeting link

Please click the above Zoom meeting link on the day and time as shown above to join the information session, or contact Ms Jenna HO at 2975 5880 ( ) for meeting arrangement.
Information Session and Consultation
•   Meet the Programme Leader 
•   Understand the SPACE  General English, Professional and Business English (PBE) Series and other CEF-funded English courses
•   Your English proficiency, your study opportunities / career plans 
•   Application details
•   Q&A on our PBE and General English courses and your English learning progress.

*Please note that all SPACE English courses are instructed in English.
General English Programmes:
•   Preparatory - Essential English
•   Tier 1 - Certificate in General English (Foundation)
•   Tier 2 - Certificate in General English (Introductory) or  Certificate in English Language Skills (Introductory)
•   Tier 3 - Certificate in General English (Intermediate) or Certificate in English Language Skills (Intermediate)
•   Tier 4 - Certificate in General English (Upper-Intermediate)
•   Tier 5 - Certificate in General English (Advanced)
•   Tier 6 - Diploma in General English
•   Tier 7 - Advanced Diploma in General English

Professional and Business English Programmes:
•   Certificate in Business English Usage
      (Course start date : 18 October 2023 (Wednesday) at Kowloon West Learning Centre)
•   Certificate in Advanced Business English
      (Course start date : 17 November 2023 (Friday) at Kowloon West Learning Centre)

Academic English Courses:
Please visit Academic English programme page for the list of short courses.

Other General English Courses:
 Please visit General English programme page for a full list of short courses.

Business English Short Courses:
•   The Fundamentals of Persuasive Business Writing (18 hours)   [NEW COURSE]
      (Course start date : 25 November 2023 (Saturday) at HKU SPACE Hong Kong Island Learning Centre)
•   Business Grammar (18 hours) 
      (Course start date : 4 November 2023 (Saturday) at Admiralty Learning Centre)
•   English at Work - Impromptu Talk and Discussion (18 hours) 
      (Course start date : 21 October 2023 (Saturday) at  HPSHCC Campus, Causeway Bay)
•   English at Work - Email Writing (1) (18 hours) 
      (Course start date : 11 November 2023 (Saturday) at  HPSHCC Campus, Causeway Bay)  
•   Introductory Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (30 hours)
•   Advanced Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (30 hours)
•   Stylistic Analysis: Insight into the Subtle Delivery of Meaning (45 hours)
•   British English Elocution (24 hours)
General English and Business English proficiency assessment:

Cambridge Linguaskill General / Business English proficiency test 
Test results will show the test taker's overall proficiency in General English or Business English as well as the individual score in listening, reading, writing and speaking on the Cambridge English Scale and their respective CEFR  levels
Articulation Pathways:
General English

General English articulation pathway

Profressional and Business English
PBE Articulation Pathway
Ms Jenna Ho 2975 5880 /  (Professional and Business English and Academic English)
3762 0930 /  (General English)

  Professional and Business English. HKU SPACE
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