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Accounting & Finance Family Office

Family Office

Family offices comprise a high-end subset of the private wealth management business. They have become increasingly important to the whole financial services industry, not just because of the business potential inherent in the massive amount of asset under management belonging to these family offices, but also as evidence of the financial centre’s overall wealth management capabilities.

Demand for education on family office management is high. Students from the financial industry are keen to know how to help their clients to establish family office in Hong Kong. The programmes that we provide are aimed at preparing students for a career in finance and investment as well as banking and financial services by developing their expertise in Family Office Management.

Family Office Programmes

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開課日期 2024年8月21日 (星期三)
修業期 39小時
課程費用 HK$9,750
開課日期 2024年8月21日 (星期三)
修業期 99小時
The programme aims to provide students with essential knowledge in family office management. It will discuss various issues regarding how to establish a family constitution; how to set up a family office in Hong Kong; inheritance, family and business knowledge; and how to handle stakeholders’ disputes. The application of trusts in family offices and real-life cases will be discussed. After completing the programme, students can better understand the processes and contemporary issues related to family office management.
Start 08 OCT 2024 (TUE)
Duration 30 hours
Fee HK$15000
開課日期 待定
修業期 30小時
課程費用 HK$7,500