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To cater for the ever-growing manpower needs and professionalism of hospitality, tourism, and events sectors, the School has introduced a series of academic programmes since 2002. The practical teaching approach with comprehensive industry-based content provides students with unique opportunities to gear up themselves to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead in these sectors.  With the teaching of professional industry practitioners or fly-in lecturers from distinguished overseas universities, the emphasis on learner-centric teaching successfully stimulates students’ interests and widens their global perspective. Multi-layered pathways enable individuals to enter our accredited programmes based on their prior academic background and industry experience.

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This programme aims to meet the continuing education and professional development needs of those who are currently working in the event management field or those who have aspirations in organizing events for their future careers.
Start 02 JUN 2017 (FRI)
Duration 4 months
Fee HK$13000
Tourism is one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries, and a major provider of employment opportunities both in Hong Kong, Asia and worldwide. This management-based programme will prepare students for employment in the public or private sectors, developing, planning and managing tourism resources at a junior to middle management level.
Start 03 JUL 2017 (MON)
Duration 24 months
Fee *HK$3,850 per module (Total Programme fee : *HK$46,200)
(*The tuition fee is reviewed annually and is subject to change without prior notice.)

This programme aims to meet the development needs of those who are currently working in event management field or those who have aspirations in organizing events for their future careers.
Start 05 JUN 2017 (MON)
Duration 2 months
Fee HK$7000
This programme has been designed as a full package, including pre-departure and post-tour workshops in Hong Kong; and a 14-day / 7-day educational tour in Edinburgh.
Start 07 JUL 2017 (FRI)
Duration 7 / 14 days
Fee HK$24,000 per person (for 14 days)
HK$14,000 per person (for 7 days)

*For details, Please refer to "Programme Details"
The course will give a thorough understanding of the factors that account for the style, quality and price of the principal still, sparkling and fortified wines of the world.
Start 06 JUL 2017 (THU)
Duration 13 weeks
Fee HK$10,280
Wine drinking is becoming more common a hobby, a social activity, and more importantly a business culture. Basic knowledge about wine, wine appreciation and wine culture are becoming essential. This three-hour introductory course provides you with the basic yet crucial skills to wine appreciation. Technical knowledge and skills to approach, to taste and to evaluate wine will be introduced.
Start 09 JUN 2017 (FRI)
Duration 1 day
Fee HK$670
This course introduces major styles, reviews wines from different regions and critically discusses various grape varieties. It is suitable for those who have little or no previous knowledge of the broad range of wines and spirits.
Start 31 MAY 2017 (WED)
Duration 9 weeks
Fee HK$9,000
Start To be advised
Start To be advised
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修業期 6個星期