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BusinessManagement & Human Capital Leadership

Management & Human Capital Leadership

In today’s fast-changing business environment, while management executives are looking for modern and comprehensive management skillsets, business leaders are also looking into ways in optimizing organizational performance.  Moreover, with the multi-national and multi-generational workforce, it is even more important to equip senior leaders with the acumen to meet the strategic challenges related to the “people-side of business” and build strong human capital base for their companies.

The School offers a series of Management and Human Capital Leadership courses focusing on academic advancement as well as professional workplace development, including managerial psychology, leadership, and other business soft skills. 

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Programme is designed to equip students with the fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge of Positive Psychology Coaching. Graduates will be able to apply these skills in both internal and external coaching practices at the practitioner level, or in their respective roles as leaders and supervisors in enabling people development in a variety of industries such as business, education, healthcare, services and community work.
Start 15 JUL 2017 (SAT)
Duration 10 weeks
The course aims to provide critical training for social enterprises management in managing for sustainability, financial viability and operational efficiency. The course also provide in-depth understanding about the nature, operational concerns and strategic positions of social enterprises.
Start 15 AUG 2017 (TUE)
Duration 12 weeks
Fee HK$7100
Edinburgh Napier University, UK
As the FIRST TOP-UP degree programme combining Management Studies with Applied Psychology in Hong Kong, the BA Business Management with Applied Psychology focuses on business management and the applied aspects of personality psychology. It is designed to provide a wider understanding of the domestic and international business environments, and it teaches how psychology analyzes the similarities and differences of how people think, feel and behave. Students are then expected to gain an understanding of global business combined with an awareness of the psychological factors influencing the individual and the workplace.
Start 02 OCT 2017 (MON)
Duration 12 months to 24 months
Fee HK$66000 per programme (payable in 2 instalments)

*Course fees are subject to change without prior notice
University of Leicester, UK
University of Leicester - BSc in Human Resource Management

Our BSc in Human Resource Management by distance learning combines all the benefits of a University of Leicester degree with the flexibility to suit the needs of working professionals.
Start 01 NOV 2017 (WED)
Duration 2 years to 4 years
Fee £4,500 per level (2017/18)
The feature of this degree is to provide students with useful and relevant background in account and finance. This degree not only provides students with accounting techniques and focuses on computational skills with the aim of immediate application, but also enables students to evaluate the usefulness of their studies in different contexts and allows for them to further proceed into professional accounting and financial studies. The program is suitable for people who are interested in accounting and finance, accounting professions, investment banking, investment analysis and management, and etc.
Start To be advised
Duration 3 years to 8 years
This degree provides students' with a significant insight of the financial role in industrialized economies by; exploring the financial markets, interaction between financial intermediations and all other financial institutes. Not only students will learn about the pricing of financial assets and why and how corporations issue various types of assets, but they will also look at the operation of domestic and international intermediations.
Start To be advised
Duration 3 years to 8 years
This degree provides students with knowledge of the major functional areas of business and management, including accounting, economics, management, marketing, finance and many other essential elements.
Start To be advised
Duration 3 years to 8 years
This degree programme allows students to achieve the knowledge of 'effective management' to understand the operation of organisations by exploring different disciplines; economics, finance, organisation theory, mathematics and statistics. The programme is also suitable for people who are interested in general management, further studies in management or related disciplines, as it provides an in-depth study of the both economics and general management options.
Start To be advised
Duration 3 years to 8 years
This programme aims to provide students with a solid foundation in business studies covering general management theories and practices. The syllabi which include major business disciplines in economics, management, quantitative and communication skills aim to equip students with an analytical problem-solving mindset.  Topics like HK business environment and HRM also enables students to learn about the socio-political issues.
Start 24 JUL 2017 (MON)
Duration 1.5 years to 5 years
Fee Fee (per module)
Module Fee: $4,140
Repeat Studies: $4,140
Re-sit exam: $1,215
Re-submit coursework: $3,615

All fees paid are not refundable or transferable. Fees are subject to revisions, even after a student has submitted an application, or have already been admitted into the programme.

The Executive Certificate in Effective Talent Branding and Management enables you to acquire the knowledge and skills required to develop a good talent branding strategy in attracting and retaining in the competitive industry.

Start 18 AUG 2017 (FRI)
Duration 6 weeks
Fee HK$6,950