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Professional English Training

We offer customised courses to meet the needs of busy professionals who want their English training to be focused, time-effective, well-structured and challenging. For small, focused groups with similar, specific language needs, we offer classes that are intensive and practical to enable participants to acquire skills for a variety of language situations.

Our language trainers guide learners to become effective communicators who can:

  • write with clarity
  • deliver messages with an impact
  • speak fluently and with confidence
  • participate effectively in business interactions

Customised courses are held either at HKU SPACE centres or clients' workplace at a time that suits the clients and their busy schedules. Please contact us on 2975 5883 to discuss your company's language training needs.

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The Certificate in Business English Usage programme aims to help students become more accurate and fluent when communicating in English in the modern workplace. Its goal is to equip students with essential business grammar, vocabulary and all-round language skills, so that they become capable of communicating with native and non-native speakers of English in common business settings. By gaining a greater confidence and a better command of business English grammar, vocabulary, receptive and productive skills, students will be prepared to further develop a higher level of business English proficiency upon completion of the programme. This programme targets working professionals who intend to build on an introductory level of English, so as to bolster their work performance in a business environment where English is the predominant medium of communication.
Start 16 JUN 2023 (FRI)
Duration 12 months
Fee HK$8,000
This course equips students with the advanced English reading skills and grammar knowledge to handle the Common Recruitment Examination (CRE) Use of English paper, a language proficiency entrance examination for applicants who are interested in serving the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government and the general public as civil servants.
The course aims to develop students’ advanced reading skills to a high proficiency level. It strengthens students’ English grammar and syntactic knowledge in the sentence level. In addition, it improves and consolidates students’ knowledge in cohesion and coherence in the discourse level.
Language input, such as reading skills, grammar knowledge and common errors, will be delivered to students to strengthen their language proficiency, followed by abundance of exercises to consolidate their language skills and examination techniques to tackle challenging questions in the test. Students’ performance will be assessed with both the continuous assessments and final examination.
Start 06 JUL 2023 (THU)
Duration 8 weeks
Fee HK$3,800
 This real-time online course aims to prepare students for their academic studies at English-speaking universities where academic writing skills are highly demanding. The course is divided into three stages in which generic academic writing skills are taught in the first stage (6 sessions), students are helped better understand college essay or project requirements in the second part (2 sessions), and personalised advice on students’ essay production is given in the third/final stage (4 sessions). Both the second and third stages are conducted in the form of a one-on-one personal / small group conference.
Start To be advised
Duration 12 weeks
Fee HK$5,000