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Nursing as a profession has a strong focus on the health care of the person, the family, and the community. It supports and sustains the promotion and maintenance of health. In line with the School's tradition in providing excellent quality education, Nursing  Studies and  Healthcare has been offering a comprehensive choice of award and non award-bearing nursing and health care programmes in the past decade. We present an innovative learning environment that fosters personal and professional development for nursing and health care. We strongly believe that the intrinsic qualities of professionalism are made up of knowledge, ethics, competence and responsibility.

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開課日期 2018年5月14日 (星期一)
修業期 3個月
課程費用 HK$3020
The programme is intended to develop individual competency and leadership in elder care through the delivery of an independent health project based on primary health care models.
Start 01 JUN 2018 (FRI)
Duration 15 months
Fee For 2017-18
Full Programme: HK$33,000 + Community Practicum fee HK$2,400 (for Module 2+4) (Subject to NGO Charges)
PgCert (Module 1+2): HK$16,000 + Community Practicum fee HK$1200 (for Module 2) (Subject to NGO Charges)

Note: Students may purchase professional indemnity insurance on their own.
開課日期 2018年9月10日 (星期一)
修業期 2年
課程費用 第一階段:$18,930

This two-module programme is designed to provide health care professionals with basic knowledge of scientific research methodology in quantitative and qualitative approaches so that they are able to evaluate and apply research findings in clinical practice appropriately.
Start 27 SEP 2018 (THU)
Duration 9 months
Fee Module 1: $6,460
Module 2: $5,020
開課日期 2018年10月8日 (星期一)
修業期 9個月
課程費用 單元一:HK$3,020 (待定)
單元二:HK$6,520 (待定); 實習費用: 待定
This programme aims to prepare enrolled nurses with advanced nursing knowledge and evidence-based clinical skills in nursing. This programme is accredited by the Nursing Council of Hong Kong (NCHK). Graduates will be eligible to register with the NCHK as a Registered Nurse (General) and will be licensed to practise.
Start 31 OCT 2018 (WED)
Duration 3 years
Fee Year 1: HK$51,000 (for 2018-19)
Year 2: HK$51,000 (for 2018-19)
Year 3: HK$48,000 (for 2018-19)
Clinical Placement fee: HK$10,000 (for 2018-19) (Subject to HA charges)
Note: Students may purchase professional indemnity insurance on their own.
開課日期 2019年1月24日 (星期四)
修業期 9個月
課程費用 HK$11,000
現今,公眾和政府對認知障礙症愈來愈關注,因為患者有增加和年輕化的趨勢,為了令照顧者能繼續在家照顧患病的家人,香港大學專業進修學院設計了一個培訓課程,希望加強認知障礙症的社區支援網絡。 本課程旨在培訓有興趣照顧認知障礙症患者的人士。課程內容包括認識認知障礙症的成因、診斷和治療,從而幫助學員瞭解如何在社區裏協助家屬照顧者和照顧在家中的患者。
開課日期 2019年3月14日 (星期四)
修業期 4個月
課程費用 HK$4200
This programme is intended to provide frontline managers with foundation knowledge on leadership, resource management, strategic planning for crisis, emergency and manpower, as well as effective communication skills in health care setting.
Start To be advised
Duration 4 months
Fee HK$10,030
This programme prepares registered nurses with advanced nursing knowledge and evidence-based clinical skills in renal nursing to provide competent and high quality nursing care patients requiring complex renal nursing care.

Top-up MSc Advanced Practice (Nursing) at Edinburgh Napier University is tailor-made for HKU SPACE students who have a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing Practice.

Start 10 AUG 2018 (FRI)
Duration 16 months
Fee Module 1: HKD$15,880 + Clinical practicum fee (Subject to HA Charges)
Module 2: HKD$9,430

Note: Students may purchase professional indemnity insurance on their own.