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本證書課程為期一年, 特別針對中學會考/文憑、 毅進計劃及「I.T.種子」畢業生。課程內容包括基本電腦程式編寫, 網頁製作, 區域網絡及商業資訊系統等用以支援商業業務運作, 除此之外, 本課程還包括企業及管理基礎單元, 為畢業生就業或持續進修開拓更多不同出路。
開課日期 2020年2月3日 (星期一)
修業期 1年
課程費用 HK$21,000
Records are an essential tool and valuable resources for good business and efficient administration.
Start 03 DEC 2019 (TUE)
Duration 6 months
Fee HK$10,600
A properly set up and managed archives ensures that authentic and reliable historical records are preserved to document the major development and history of an organization.
Start To be advised
Duration 5 months
Fee HK$10,600
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
The programme aims to provide students with the skills to design, implement and manage computer-based systems security, using software and networking technologies. 
The programme also includes the basic, key elements of forensic computing: forensics and the legal and ethical issues involved in any digital investigation.
Start 17 SEP 2019 (TUE)
Duration 24 months
Fee HK$120,000
Middlesex University, London
IT professionals involved in electronic security and digital forensics need an understanding of information security and network security measures, intrusion prevention and detection, and digital forensics analysis techniques.  This programme is design to help student develop expert technical and legal knowledge to enable them to make a major contribution to information security and digital forensics investigations.
Start 07 OCT 2019 (MON)
Duration 1 and 1/2 years
Fee Approximately HK$63,000* in two instalments (HK$38,750 + £2,205)
1st instalment: £1,490 + HKD19,375
2nd instalment: £715 + HKD19,375

Application Fee: HK$150
Registration Fee: £60

* Subject to exchange rate ~ 1 GBP = 11 HKD
Charles Sturt University, Australia

Master of Information Studies provides students with in-depth understanding of the creation, evaluation, collection, organisation, utilisation and dissemination of information in the contemporary information environment.

This distance learning programme, offered in collaboration with Charles Sturt University, Australia, is supplemented by local tutorials. The obtained academic qualification has full recognition by Australian Library and Information Association and internationally by other library associations.

Graduate Diploma of Information Studies is the Intermediate Exit Award of Master of Information Studies.

Credit exemption would be given to students with relevant academic qualifications in library and information management and / or working experience.

Start 18 NOV 2019 (MON)
Duration 16 months to 44 months
Fee For Master of Information Studies:
HK$14,500* per 8 credit points subject

For Graduate Diploma of Information Studies:
HK$14,500* per 8 credit points subject / HK$7,250* per 4 credit points subject

* Subject to review at the time of enrolment

The tuition fee is paid by subjects per session (3 sessions in a year).
The management of food safety is an increasingly high profile and complex issue. The safety of food is paramount to the health and well-being of consumers and the economic viability of industries involved in the food chain. Government officials regulating food safety, and industry representatives operating within legal and quality standards frameworks, require specialized knowledge and skills to help them identify and effectively manage risks. In response to this, the Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK and the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE) collaborate to deliver this Outreach Franchise MSc in Food Safety Management.
Start To be advised
Duration 2.5 years
Fee $130,000 payable by three instalments
First instalment: HKD60,000; (Subject to review)
Second instalment: $60,000; (Subject to review)
Final instalment: $10,000 (for Research Project) (Subject to review)
The Postgraduate Diploma in Cyber Security is a collaboration programme with Dragon Threat Labs and Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute.

The course is in-line with well-known cyber security certifications. The key design rationale of the programme is to make sure that the programme can match the fundamental elements containing in various cyber security certifications.
Start 05 SEP 2019 (THU)
Duration 16 months
Fee HK$180,000 (To be paid in 2 instalments)
The programme aims to train students to become professional archivists by providing them with a broad and enriched learning experience covering a full spectrum of principles and methodology in managing records and archives throughout their life-cycle and in setting up and managing an archival institution.
Start 03 OCT 2019 (THU)
Duration 12 months
Fee HK$36,000
This programme will provide professionals with an excellent opportunity to enhance their forensics IT knowledge for developing their career as a crime laboratory analyst, forensic engineer and crime scene examiner. Graduates from IT, business or accounting are encouraged to enrol in this programme.
Start 15 OCT 2019 (TUE)
Duration 1 year
Fee HK$55,000 (To be paid in 2 instalments)*
The programme aims to train healthcare professionals and those from related disciplines to develop the knowledge, understanding and competencies in mastering the advanced use of Information Technology skills in healthcare settings.
Start 15 OCT 2019 (TUE)
Duration 1 year