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The proposal of the third runway establishment at the Hong Kong International Airport will boost the demand for aviation training in the near future. It is estimated that the aviation industry will employ around 140,000 people more in the next 20 years.  A range of aviation programmes are offered covering various topics including Private Pilot Licence (Australian Government CASA syllabus), aircraft maintenance (HKAR-66 Category A), flight attendant services, aviation operations and management.  All the programmes are taught by the industry experts with relevant professional certification.  Besides, students could enjoy practical training with industry-graded equipment including flight simulator and cabin mock-up.

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The programme will equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the work operation procedures of commercial flying in Hong Kong. Students will also acquire knowledge and related information to be a commercial jet aircraft pilot. Experienced teachers including Captain or Senior pilots of local airlines.

Students who have completed the whole programme (70% Attendance) plus a pass in the assessment will be awarded a Certificate for Module (Operation Procedures of Commercial Flying in Hong Kong) within the HKU system through HKU SPACE. 
Start 28 JAN 2022 (FRI)
Duration 36 hours
Fee HK$5100
This programme is based on the syllabus for the Private Pilot's Licence (Aeroplanes) published by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of the Australian Government. It contains four articulated modules which will lead to the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) level of training. Industry graded flight simulator is available for students' practice (with Aeroplane model Cessna C172) throughout the programme.
Start 04 MAR 2022 (FRI)
Duration 1.5 years to 2 years

Hong Kong is an international aviation hub, the demand of travelling in both commercial and business aviation is very high. With the new terminal and the third runway project undergoing in the Hong Kong International Airport, as well as the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, the scale and demand of aviation service of Hong Kong International Airport would further expand. The demand of business aviation is emergent and is particularly high in some Asian cities/countries such as China, Macau, and Singapore. Private jet travel wll become more popular in the new era of growth.
Start 05 MAR 2022 (SAT)
Duration 4 weeks to 6 weeks
Fee HK$4,800 per programme *(excluding the field trip expenses)
This programme aims to meet the continuing education and professional development needs of those who are currently working in the business aviation field or those who have aspirations in developing their future careers in the private jet business. The programme provides core private jet management and operation concepts, as well as specialized knowledge in delivering premium inflight butler services. A broad and holistic view of private jet management will be given to students with particular emphasis on hospitality service techniques.
Start 05 MAR 2022 (SAT)
Duration 6-8 months
Fee *HK$22,800 per programme *(excluding the field trip expenses)

Module 1 : HK$4,400 (payable upon application for Module 1)
Module 2 : HK$13,800 (payable upon start of Module 2)
Module 3 : HK$1,900 (payable upon start of Module 3)
Module 4 : HK$2,700 (payable upon start of Module 4)
The programme aims to introduce to students a comprehensive and structured knowledge of flight operations in the business aviation sector, including flight coordination management, flight dispatching management, flight planning and scheduling, crew administration, business aviation aircraft model types, configurations as well as the regulatory requirements and laws. The programme also introduces a wide range of operational environments of business/private aircraft in different places (e.g. Hong Kong, The Greater China, US, Europe, Middle East, Africa).
Start 21 APR 2022 (THU)
Duration 10 weeks
Fee HK$12,000 per programme
The programme will enhance students’ knowledge and skills of flight control through participation in flight simulation practice. It is designed for those who have acquired the basic Private Pilot Licence (PPL) theory knowledge and would like to prepare themselves for the real flying training at the initial stage up to the First Solo level.
Start 22 APR 2022 (FRI)
Duration 30 hours
Fee HK$5200
The programme will equip students with a comprehensive understanding of helicopter flying during the initial stage of flight training. Students will acquire knowledge of instrument systems, flight theory, meteorology, and operational procedures.
Start 23 APR 2022 (SAT)
Duration 36 hours
Fee HK$4500
This programme aims at nurturing management professionals in various aviation sectors which focuses on operational and management issues in the aviation industry. A broad range of knowledge such as airline and airport operations and management, aviation business development, aviation safety issues, and air traffic management are covered in the programme.
Start 03 OCT 2022 (MON)
Duration 20 months
Fee HK$38,000 (by 2 instalments. 1st instalment – HK$25,000; 2nd instalment – HK$13,000)
課程旨在提供學生掌握航空發動機維修所需基本知識及技能,讓他們在航空業一展所長。課程包括講課、實地學習、參觀及業界人士分享等。香港航空發動機維修服務有限公司 (HAESL)為學生安排職位面試,獲取錄的同學會有12個月全職受薪實習的工作。



「『1+12』航空發動機維修證書課程 成就航空事業夢想」 (晴報 2019-7-16)

開課日期 待定
修業期 1個月
課程費用 HK$9000
開課日期 待定
修業期 1個月
課程費用 HK$9,600