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20 Jul 2020 (Mon)










The Institute for China Business (ICB), HKU SPACE, was formally established in February 2010, providing high-quality education and lifelong learning opportunities in Mainland China, and aiming to build a university without walls. As an innovative business management school, ICB promotes the concept of 4P teaching model which places emphasis on being Professional, Prospective, Practical and Problem-solving. Within a decade, through establishing five learning centres in the Mainland, ICB has run 15 professional business management courses covering fields such as human capital, innovation management, finance and brand marketing, and has cultivated over 15,000 talents in professional and senior management.

We move forward despite the wind and rain


Year 2010

  • ICB was formally established, launching two postgraduate diploma programmes in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and Organisation and Human Resource Management (OHRM).

  • Beijing Learning Centre and Shanghai Learning Centre were established.

Year 2011 

  • Shenzhen Learning Centre was established

Year 2012

  • Residential Workshop held on campus for the first time, welcoming freshmen at the Opening Ceremony in Hong Kong.

  • The nationwide large business management event “Lecture Day” was held for the first time in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

  • First Graduation Ceremony held in Hong Kong, 185 graduates attended with their relatives and friends.

Year 2013 

  • The six Academic Centres: Finance & Investment Management, Human Capital Leadership, Management & Innovation, Marketing & Media Management, Business & Financial Training and Public Sector Management, were officially established.

  • Global Study Tour: “Innovation Tour” at Stanford University, US.

  • Previous alumni came to Hong Kong to attend the first Homecoming Day and meet up with their classmates and teachers.

Year 2014

  • Became a certified overseas training institution appointed by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, P.R. China (SAFEA).

  • Global Study Tour: “Creative Journey” at Oxford University, UK.

Year 2015

  • Chengdu Learning Centre was established.

  • Held the first Outstanding Teacher Award, and 15 teachers were awarded.

  • Global Study Tour: “Business, Culture and Art Tour” in Japan.

Year 2016

  • HKU SPACE Executive Academy (SEA) was established, aiming to create business leaders with both international exposure and Chinese vision.

  • Held the first Distinguished Alumni Award, 20 alumni were awarded.

  • Global Study Tour: “Culture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Tour” in Israel and Jordan.

  • Global Study Tour: “Nordic Creative Journey” in Sweden and Norway.

Year 2017

  • SEA opened 5 executive programmes and collaborated with Cambridge Judge Business School and Harvard Medical School.

  • Held the “Globalisation vs Deglobalisation” international forum in 2017.

  • Global Study Tour: “German Industry 4.0 Tour” in Germany and Poland.

  • Global Study Tour: “An Exploration of Sino-US Relations and the Rise and Fall of the Inca Empire” in the US and Peru.

  • Held the first “Discovering Innovation Unicorns” innovation and entrepreneurship competition.

Year 2018 

  • Alumni exceeded 10,000 people.

  • Reorganised Academic Centres and established Centre for Human Capital Management (CHCM), Centre for Innovation and Management (CIM), Centre for Financial Management (CFM), Centre for Marketing Management (CMM) and Centre for Corporate Training (CCT).

  • Guangzhou Learning Centre was established.

  • The Homecoming Day & Alumni Day events were held on the marvelous cruise ship, MSC Mediterranean.

  • Global Study Tour: “One Belt One Road Central Asia Tour” in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

  • Global Study Tour: “One Belt One Road Middle East Tour” in Iran, Qatar and Oman.

  • Held the first alumni innovation event “Innovation Valley”.

Year 2019

  • The ICB and SEA Advisory Board was formally established.

  • Global Study Tour: “Humanities and History Tour” in the 7 Balkan Nations.

  • To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of ICB, the first around-the-globe ultimate journey ‘Challenge Yourself, Exceed Yourself’ in the Sahara Desert, North Africa, was completed successfully. Trips to Antarctic and Mount Everest will be challenges for the future.

Year 2020

  • Alumni has exceeded 15,000 people.

  • As a learning platform for CEOs and senior executives, SEA has provided 4 programmes for corporate executives and 2 programmes for industry executives. SEA has officially changed its name to HKU SPACE Senior Executive Academy.

  • Due to the pandemic, the School’s inauguration ceremony was cancelled. Professor Liu Ning Rong delivered his speech to alumni digitally, and his remark ‘Is a Vaccine the Only Thing Missing During Covid-19 Pandemic?’ attracted a readership of over 10 million, and bringing in 70,000 new followers to ICB’s Wechat official account – more than the aggregated total in the past decade.  

Embrace professionalism and strive to be the best

ICB and SEA Advisory Board was established

As a prelude to the 10th Anniversary of the Institute for China Business (ICB), the ICB and SEA Advisory Board was established on 13 September 2019; and its first meeting was held on the same day. As a top-ranking think tank with abundant international resources and experiences, the Advisory Board keep a close tab on the pulse of the commercial and social development trends in China; members are equipped with global forefront corporate management experiences and business insights.  Together they will enforce and promote discussions and exchanges among leaders from political, economic, commercial and educational sectors; ideas and visions will be heeded as part of a greater plan to sketch out long-term development strategy of ICB and SEA. 

The members of the Advisory Board are leaders from economic, commercial and educational sectors worldwide, including:



梁定邦博士  Dr Anthony Neoh



曾鈺成先生   Mr Jasper Tsang

李家傑博士  Dr Lee Ka Kit

黃友嘉博士  Dr David Wong

伍淑清博士  Dr Annie Wu

盛智文博士  Dr Allan Zeman

林家禮博士  Dr George Lam

謝祖墀博士  Dr Edward Tse

Prof David H. Roberts

Prof Michael Barrett

Prof Michel Gutsatz

Enhancing the School's brand image and positioning

In order to enhance the brand positioning of the “professional business management school”, we will set future development plans in areas such as teaching concepts, professional courses, academic teachers and learning experience, and integrate the resources of ICB and SEA to maximise effectiveness. In response to the increasingly diverse demand for talent and the emergence of new occupations, we will integrate different teaching models and continue to improve curriculum systems to open up a path of lifelong learning for mainland middle/senior managers. ICB aims to cultivate more talents who have “Professional Perspective, Management Horizon”, while SEA is committed to nurturing senior corporate managements who can “Think Global, Act Local”.

The educational journey of exceeding yourself

In the future, the main challenges of business management education are the thinking ability and value propositions of managers. ICB has always focused on cultivating students with independent thinking, active learning, courage of innovation as well as forward-looking and innovative visions. In response to different learning needs of mainland students, ICB proactively shares diverse knowledge with different groups, such as office workers, current students and graduated alumni, and provides them with various social activities, hoping to offer the middle/senior managers a lifelong learning journey from ‘knowing yourself’ to ‘exceeding yourself’.