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Turn a rocky start into a winning moveEvent Recap

16 Jul 2021 (Fri)
 Turn a rocky start into a winning move

Turn a rocky start into a winning move

DSE result release day is coming! We hope you do well, but many students worry that if they don’t do well in their DSE exam, their dreams of getting into university may be gone. But don’t worry. Even if your results are not good as you hoped, you can still carry on and explore other paths that lead to the same destination. The Associate Degree programmes from HKU SPACE Community College (CC) can be another bridge to the bright future you want.

For example, one of our student’s called Cindy was disappointed with her DSE exam results, probably because she didn’t choose the right electives in high school. But as she loves the Chinese language, she enrolled in “ Higher Diploma in Chinese for Professional Communication” at the Community College.

During her time at the CC, she developed a taste for micro-movies and editorial work, and as she explored this new area, it led her to thinking about a career in education. Now, in the coming new school year, Cindy will set out on a new journey in Faculty of Education at HKU.

Liz is another example of someone who is getting back on track to achieving her dream. Even though initially she blew her English exam and her family were disappointed, once she was surrounded by the supportive learning atmosphere in CC, she quickly grew into a disciplined learner, improved her English, and eventually surprised her family with an outstanding GPA and four university offers.

Gary and Christy, are two more CC students had poor DSE results, but will now continue their studies at the PolyU and HKUST respectively. They really enjoyed the CC campus life and took part in competitions, networking, and working hard with their classmates. They both say that their DSE result didn’t define their futures, and that one poor result doesn’t mean their life has failed. There are always alternatives and many different ways to move forward.

HKU SPACE CC has been dedicated to supporting the further studies of its students for the past 21 years. Lasty year, over 1/3 of Associate Degree graduates/students are admitted to HKU, CUHK or HKUST, while nearly 2/3 of college graduates/students are admitted to one of eight local public universities*. Candidates are welcome to join admission days online or in person from 21 to 23 July.

*For details, please refer to college website.