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Certificate in Aviation Studies (Senior Secondary Applied Learning)

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Start Date
26 Sep 2020 (Sat)
2 years
Cantonese and English

It aims to help students understand the reality and prospects of the aviation industry, and to prepare them for further studies and career development in the field.

投身航空業是很多年青人的夢想。本課程介紹航空業的運作,尤其着重飛行、飛機維修、航空服務及航空貨運四大範疇所需要的知識和技能。Aviation is the dream of many teenagers. This programme introduces students the operation of the aviation industry, with an emphasis on the knowledge and skills required for aircraft pilots, aircraft maintenance, aviation services and air cargo.

課程結構 programme Structure

飛行科 : 英語授課

Aircraft Pilot Stream: English only

其他選修科將提供粵語及/或*英語授課,包括: 飛機維修科、航空貨運科及航空服務科 (*報讀學生人數)

The other elective streams would provide classes in Cantonese and *English including: Aircraft Maintenance Stream, Air Cargo Stream & Aviation Services Stream (*students enrolled)

核心部分 Core Part (36小時hrs)

認識飛機及航空業 Knowing Aircraft and the Aviation Industry

§  航空業簡介
Introduction to the aviation industry

§  空中交通系統
Air transport systems

§  機場的運作
Operation systems of an airport

§  航空業發展概要及成就
Overview of aviation industry development and achievements 

§  航空組織的功能及運作
Functions and operation of various aviation organizations

§  飛機運作基礎飛行理論
Aircraft operation fundamentals – theory of flight

選修部分 Elective Part (144小時hrs)

飛行 Aircraft Pilot

§  空氣動力學及航空學基礎
Aerodynamics and aeronautical knowledge basics

§  飛機結構、操作及性能
Aircraft structure, operation and performance

§  飛行操作
Flight operation

§  導航及氣象學簡介
Introduction to navigation and meteorology


飛機維修 Aircraft Maintenance

§  工程基礎
Engineering fundamentals

§  飛機系統及設計
Aircraft systems and design

§  飛機組件及物料
Aircraft components and materials

§  飛機維修常規
Aircraft maintenance practice

§  航空法及人為因素
Aviation legislation and human factors

§  飛機維修專題研習
Aircraft maintenance project


航空服務 Aviation Services

§   機場客戶及航線乘客服務
Airport customer and airline passenger services

§   航線空勤人員服務
Airline cabin crew services

§   航空安全
Aviation safety

§   航空業文化討論
Cultural issues in aviation

§  航空業的人為因素
Human factors in aviation

§  航空服務專題研習
Aviation services project


航空貨運 Air Cargo

§  航空貨運基礎
Air Cargo Fundamentals

§  貨運業務
Air Cargo Operations

§  香港的進出口管制
Import and Export Control in Hong Kong

§  航空貨運管理
Air Cargo Management

  • 學生可報讀與航空管理、工程學、旅遊、物流等相關的課程。
  • 就業方面,學生可從事飛行員或航空管理及營運、工程、航班服務、航空貨運物流等相關的工作。
  • Graduates can articulate to related courses in aviation management, engineering, tourism, logistics, etc.
  • In terms of job opportunities, students can join the industry related to aircraft pilot, aviation management and operation, engineering, aviation services, air cargo and logistics, etc.

評核 Assessment

包括專題研習、筆試 、實務評估、書面報告及口頭匯報
Includes case study, written test, practical exercise, project and presentation

學銜 Award

Student who successfully completed the programme (have at least 80% attendance and achieve qualified results in assessment tasks) will be awarded "Certificate in Aviation Studies (Senior Secondary Applied Learning)" within the HKU system through HKU SPACE.

  • 180 小時 hrs

上課模式 Class Mode


Mode 1:
3 hours lesson in every Saturday morning and/or afternoon, or full day lesson at HKU SPACE Learning Centres. Summer class will be arranged.
Mode 2:
Arranged by secondary school and HKU SPACE; class can be arranged on weekday and/or Saturday. Depends on the equipment/facility needed, some lessons may be held at HKU SPACE Learning Centre. Summer class will be arranged.

Enrolment Method

學生須於2020年2月25 日至 4 月 9 日透過所屬中學向教育局申請,詳情請向所屬中學查詢。


Students must apply through their schools from 25 February 2020 to 9 April 2020. Please contact your secondary school for details.



Payment Method


Course fee will be subsidized by secondary school and the Education Bureau.
Course fee is HK$15,500 and paid by 2 installments.
For class mode 2, course fee will be partially exempted according to the teaching venue and teaching support provided by the partner secondary school.

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