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Accounting & Finance FinTech and Financial Intelligence

Executive Certificate in Big Data and Business Analytics

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24 Aug 2024 (Sat)
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Oct 2024
1 month to 2 months
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Course Fee: $9200 per programme (* course fees are subject to change without prior notice)
Deadline on 09 Aug 2024 (Fri)
2867 8331
2861 0278
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Today and Upcoming Events

Aug 2024

Online Executive Certificate / Diploma Information Seminar - Big Data & FinTech Series (19 Aug 2024)

The recent advances in Big Data and AI have major impact on the investment and trading community.  Now different types of alternative data from news, social sentiment to satellite images can be used to construct and manage investment portfolios. Moreover, Machine Learning is applied to stock price predictions while Reinforcement Learning (Alpha-Go) technique is employed into trading strategies discovery. This programme is suitable for degree holders and Executives who wish to enhance their knowledge and current market practices in the Big Data and FinTech series. Seminar topics: Course details, entry requirements, assessment requirements. This information seminar provides details about: -Executive Diploma in Financial Analytics  行政人員文憑《金融數據分析》 -Executive Certificate in Banking and Financial Technology  行政人員證書《銀行及金融科技》 -Executive Certificate in Big Data and Business Analytics  行政人員證書《大數據與業務分析》 -Executive Certificate in Big Data and Predictive Analytics  行政人員證書《大數據與預測分析》 -Executive Certificate in Big Data, A.I. and Investing  行政人員證書《大數據,人工智能與投資》 -Executive Certificate in Applications of Blockchain in Financial Technology  行政人員證書《區塊鏈在金融科技的應用》 -Executive Certificate in Applied AI and Predictive Analytics for Business  行政人員證書《應用人工智能與商業預測分析》 -Executive Certificate in AI and Deep Learning in Quantitative Finance  行政人員證書《量化投資:人工智能與深度學習》 -Executive Certificate in Applied Business Analytics and Decision Optimization  行政人員證書《應用商業分析與決策優化》 -Executive Certificate in Interpretation and Visualization of Business Big Data  行政人員證書《商業大數據視覺化及資訊演繹》 -Executive Certificate in Financial Decision Making: Big Data and Machine Learning  行政人員證書《財務決策:大數據及機器學習》 -Executive Certificate in Text Analytics and NLP with Financial Technology 行政人員證書《金融科技:文字分析與自然語言處理》 -Certificate for Module (Big Data Governance and Data Compliance)  證書(單元 : 大數據治理及數據合規) -Certificate for Module (Business Analytics and Web Scraping)  證書(單元 : 商業分析及網站擷取) -Certificate for Module (Robotic Process Automation with Business and Financial Applications)  證書(單元:機械人流程自動化於商業與財務應用) -Certificate for Module (Distributed Ledger and Blockchain with Business Applications)  證書(單元 : 分散式帳本與區塊鏈的商業應用) -Certificate for Module (Business Intelligence and Data Automation)  證書(單元 : 商業智能與數據自動化) -Certificate for Module (Business Process Automation with VBA and Python)  證書(單元:商業流程自動化 – VBA及Python) -Certificate for Module (Business Forecasting and Predictive Analytics for Financial Decision Making)  證書(單元:財務決策的商業分析與預測) -Certificate for Module (Technical Analysis and Data Analytics for Stock Investment) 證書(單元 : 股票投資的數據與技術分析) -Certificate for Module (Sustainable Finance and Green FinTech) 證書(單元 : 可持續金融與綠色金融科技) -Certificate for Module (Generative AI, DeFi and Risk Governance) 證書(單元 : 生成式人工智能、去中心化金融與風險管治) -Certificate for Module (Web 3.0 and FinTech) 證書(單元 : 第三代互聯網與金融科技) -Certificate for Module (GenAI and Automation for Finance and Business) 證書(單元 : 生成式人工智能及金融與業務自動化) -Certificate for Module (Financial Data Analytics with Python and Power BI) 證書(單元 : 金融數據分析–Python 及Power BI) -Certificate for Module (AI and ML with Business and Financial Applications) 證書(單元 : 人工智能與機器學習 - 商業與財務應用) -Certificate for Module (Financial Informatics and Data Analytics) 證書(單元 : 金融信息學與數據分析) -Certificate for Module  (Web Application Programming for Finance and Business) 證書(單元:金融與商業網頁應用編程) Unable to join us at the Information Seminar? Email to for One-on-One after-office-hour consultation, by appointment only.

Sep 2024

Web3 and Blockchain VIII (2 Sep 2024)

Join us for an exhilarating online talk show titled "Web3 and Blockchain VIII".    This session is designed to take you on a journey through the transformative landscape of blockchain technology, which is at the heart of a decentralized digital ecosystem—a significant leap from the interactive platforms of Web2.   Bitcoin ETF Approval by the SEC: The crypto community is abuzz with the news that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has given the green light to a Bitcoin ETF. This approval is expected to drive significant institutional investment into the cryptocurrency market, potentially boosting Bitcoin's price and bringing it further into the financial mainstream.   Hong Kong's Push for Virtual Asset Regulations: In a recent move, Hong Kong has unveiled a comprehensive regulatory framework for virtual assets, aiming to bolster investor protection and foster innovation. The new guidelines provide clear rules for cryptocurrency exchanges and digital asset service providers, signaling Hong Kong's commitment to becoming a leading hub for blockchain and fintech development.   China's Digital Yuan Gains Traction: China's central bank digital currency, the digital yuan, is gaining significant traction as more businesses and consumers adopt it for everyday transactions. This development is seen as a major step towards mainstream acceptance of digital currencies and is influencing global financial systems to consider their own digital currency initiatives.   Hong Kong Steps Boldly into the Cryptocurrency Spotlight: In an exciting development, Hong Kong has given initial approval to its first bitcoin and ether spot ETFs. This pioneering move paves the way for a broader acceptance of cryptocurrencies within the region’s mainstream financial systems, underscoring a significant shift towards more regulated and accessible digital asset investments.   Bitcoin Halving Event: The crypto community is abuzz as the Bitcoin halving is done; this is a critical event that historically triggers a surge in Bitcoin's price by reducing the reward for mining new blocks by half. This anticipated change is stirring discussions about potential impacts on market dynamics and investment strategies.   Innovative Regulatory Sandbox by HKMA: In a stride towards fostering innovation while ensuring security, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) is set to introduce a "sandbox" for entities interested in issuing stablecoins. This initiative will allow participants to test their business models and risk management systems under manageable conditions, enhancing investor protection and promoting responsible business practices in the digital currency sphere.   Join Our Captivating Session to delve deeper into the essence of Web3 and blockchain technologies with us. Discover how these advancements are reshaping the internet and what they mean for the future of finance, privacy, and online interaction.   This is more than just a talk – it's an opportunity to be part of the next digital revolution.    Register now and be part of this transformative journey into Web 3.0.   Language: Cantonese (Supplemented with English)

Accept new applications for the Aug intake! There will be practical classes in the computer laboratory. Create value for your company using Big Data! KPI setting, Balanced Scorecard, Performance Management! No Coding experience is necessary! Basic concepts of big data will be introduced. Our seasoned lecturer will share the applications of business analytics from the view of the practitioner. Also, the usage of computational tools to process big data will be illustrated. Welcome to your online application!


This programme aims to provide students with knowledge in Big Data and Business Analytics for management decision-making. Students are expected to be familiar with different big data analyses, tools and methodologies. The programme provides an insight on how business world is using Big Data to improve their business models. 


Who would benefit from EC in Big Data and Business Analytics:

  • one who wants to understand how Business world is using Big Data
  • one who wants to learn how Big Data  influence management decision
  • one who wants to apply Big Data to their current work/business environment
  • one who wants to explore different methodologies and tools in predictive analysis

Programme Details

On completion of the programme, students should be able to: 

1.    self-explore commonly available off-the-shelf Big Data tools, algorithms and methodologies; 
2.    utilize existing Big Data algorithms and tools made available online for predictive analysis;
3.    apply Big Data analytics and incidental AI technologies for management's decision-making; 
4.    develop big data strategies and forecast results through predictive analytics;
5.    examine Big Data handling processes with reference to ethical issues of Big Data collection and privacy protection in the business world.   

Application Code 2240-EP104A Apply Online Now
Apply Online Now

  • 30 hours per module
  • Hong Kong Island Campus
  • Kowloon East Campus


Course Content:
1.    Defining Big Data and its business and technology implications 解釋大數據及其對於商業及科技的啟示
-      What is Big Data? What are 5 “V”s in Big Data?
-      What Big Data Alchemy means for Business?
-      Business Intelligence concepts and applications

2.    Fraud Prevention and Data Governance 預防欺詐及數據管治
-      Data Protection and the responsibility of information governance
-      Corporate fraud detection and prevention
-      Fraud Detection Techniques with Predictive Analytics
-      Risk prediction and assessment

3.    Data Processing and Analysis 數據處理與分析
-       Data Analytics goal setting & Data Mining
-       Key statistic theories & techniques, Hypothesis testing revision 
-       Key Performance Indicators & Key Success Factors for strategic business analytics

4.    Big Data Tools and Algorithm Exploration 大數據分析工具及探索有關之演算法
-       Usage of different off-the-shelf tools & algorithm
-       Additional Freewares introduction for predictive analysis 

5.    Data Visualization & Interpretation 資訊視覺化及數據演繹
-       Explore different visualization tools
-       Visual analytics & business experiments in data modelling
-       Turning results into executive business decision

Assessment method: class participation + assignment

The Executive Certificate will be conferred to candidates who have attained PASS grade and achieved at least 70% attendance of the programme.



1. Ms Rowena Lai
Ms. Rowena Lai has extensive experience in business and data analytics in different business sectors. She is currently working in a well-known international bank and leading various data analytics projects. She graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Science degree (major in Mathematics and Minor in Economics), and obtained a Master of Science in International Shipping and Transport Logistics as well as a Master of Science degree in Global Supply Chain Management from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Ms. Lai is currently a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) from INFORMS. With her practical experience in data analytics and professional knowledge in financial technology, she teaches "Big Data and FinTech" module under Postgraduate Diploma in Investment Management and Financial Intelligence, Executive Certificate in Big Data and Data Analytics as well as Executive Certificate in Text Analytics and NLP with Financial Technology.


2. Mr Eddie Chow
Mr. Eddie Chow is a data science practitioner and AI Researcher who received his master degree in E-Commerce from the City University of Hong Kong. He actively consults in the application of machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence in Real Estate, Agriculture, Retail, Fashion and Consumer Goods industries. He is also the founder and CTO of InnoVi, is a tech entrepreneur providing AI solutions to clients, which specializes in natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision. He also an co-founder of several tech startups. Besides, he also got banking and finance experience such as mortgage, credit card, bank transfer, e-payment, General Ledger, Accounting Transaction, account management, payment gateway.
In InnoVi, he helps businesses especially from the construction and retail industries formulate strategies and conduct latest technology on scaling their business. He is also a startup mentor coaching the startup founders from formation to scaling up throughout each step of the validation phase.

Class Details


Aug 2024 intake 

Lecture Date Time
1 24 Aug 24 (Sat) 13:30 - 19:30
2 31 Aug 24 (Sat) 13:30 - 19:30
3 7 Sep 24 (Sat) 13:30 - 19:30
4 14 Sep 24 (Sat) 13:30 - 19:30
5 21 Sep 24 (Sat) 13:30 - 19:30

Remarks: Tentative timetable is subject to change, and course commencement is subject to sufficient enrollment numbers.


Application Fee

HK$150 (Non-refundable)

Course Fee
  • Course Fee: $9200 per programme (* course fees are subject to change without prior notice)

Entry Requirements

Applicants shall hold:
a)    a bachelor’s degree awarded by a recognized University or equivalent; or
b)   an Associate Degree/ a Higher Diploma or equivalent, and have at least 2 years of relevant working experience.

Applicants with other qualification and substantial senior level work experience will be considered on individual merit.

* Please upload copy of HKID and proof of degree while applying online. 


Online Application Apply Now

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Enrolment Method
Payment Method
1. Cash, EPS, WeChat Pay Or Alipay

Course fees can be paid by cash, EPS, WeChat Pay or Alipay at any HKU SPACE Enrolment Centres.

2. Cheque Or Bank draft

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3. VISA/Mastercard

Applicants may also pay the course fee by VISA or Mastercard, including the “HKU SPACE Mastercard”, at any HKU SPACE enrolment centres. Holders of the HKU SPACE Mastercard can enjoy a 10-month interest-free instalment period for courses with a tuition fee worth a minimum of HK$2,000; however, the course applicant must also be the cardholder himself/herself. For enquiries, please contact our staff at any enrolment centres.

4. Online Payment

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  • If the programme/course is starting within five working days, application by post is not recommended to avoid any delays. Applicants are advised to enrol in person at HKU SPACE Enrolement Centres and avoid making cheque payment under this circustance.
  • Fees paid are not refundable except under very exceptional circumstances (e.g. course cancellation due to insufficient enrolment), subject to the School’s discretion. In exceptional cases where a refund is approved, fees paid by cash, EPS, WeChat Pay, Alipay, cheque or PPS (for online payment only) will normally be reimbursed by a cheque, and fees paid by credit card will normally be reimbursed to the payment cardholder's credit card account.
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  • Receipts will be issued for fees paid but HKU SPACE will not be repsonsible for any loss of receipt sent by mail.
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