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Fun Cooking X Team Building

New Course
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Start Date
To be advised
7 hours
English supplemented with Cantonese
Course Fee
Course Fee : HK$3,400 (Group of 2)

Group Fee : HK$6,200 (Group of 4)

Effective teams could be developed through cooking in teams. Participants will be divided into different teams and they are asked to prepare dishes with the guidance of our Chef instructor. The Subject Expert Coach will observe and record the individual performance, group dynamics and interactions among participants, and give feedback. At the end of the day, participants will not only have the direct experience of fun cooking in teams, but also learn team building techniques throughout the whole process of “experience, reflection, thinking and acting”.

Day 1: Team building activities through fun cooking (4 hours)

  • Different teams are asked to prepare dishes with the guidance of the Chef Instructor
  • Subject Expert Coach will observe and record the performance of individuals and groups
  • Enjoy dishes

Day 2: Feedback and reflection (3 hours)

  • Reflection from students
  • Feedback from Subject Expert Coach

Students will learn both cooking techniques and the followings:

  1. Characteristics of effective team
  2. Understand how to build trust and respect
  3. Learn how to apply the SMART formula for setting, aligning and accomplishing goals
  4. Learn the importance of clarifying roles and responsibilities within team
  5. Learn how to use team dynamics to make your people more effective
  6. Skills in developing effective team
  7. Motivating group think
  8. Conflict resolution

Ideal number of students per group would be four.  Therefore, students are encouraged to apply in group of four.   Students apply in group of two would be arranged to join the other group of students.

Students who have attended the course with 70% attendance will receive a Statement of  Attendance from HKU SPACE.
Date Time
Day 1  2-6pm
Day 2  2-5pm

Fun Cooking








Jacques Ernest Kagi
Chef Instructor
MPhil PolyU, BA Brighton

Dr Helen Chau
Subject Expert Coach

Applicant should be aged 18 or above.

Course Fee
  • Course Fee : HK$3,400 (Group of 2)

    Group Fee : HK$6,200 (Group of 4)

Application Form Download Application Form

Enrolment Method

Applicants are required to complete and return the application form to any of our enrolment centres. Applicants should bring along with the following document:

  1. Copy of your HKID card; 

* Original HKID together with the copy are required to be presented to any HKU SPACE Learning Centre for verification.

Payment Method

Course Fee could be settled by:

  1. Cheque, payable to "HKU SPACE"
  2. Credit Card, VISA/Master