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Certificate for Module (Management for Social Enterprises)

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Start Date
05 Mar 2019 (Tue)
Next intake(s)
Mar 2019
12 weeks
English supplemented with Cantonese
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HK$7100 per programme
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Deadline on 16 Feb 2019 (Sat)

The course aims to provide critical training for social enterprises management in managing for sustainability, financial viability and operational efficiency. The course also provide in-depth understanding about the nature, operational concerns and strategic positions of social enterprises.

In this 42 hours short course, the following topics will be covered:

  • Social Capital & Sustainable development
  • Ethics, CSR and governance of organization
  • Public Policies and Social Enterprises
  • Social Enterprises and financial management
  • Leadership and social entrepreneurship
  • Poverty and economic development
  • The development of social enterprises
  • Project management
  • Services as product

Pass Requirements:

To successfully complete the Certificate for Module (Management for Social Enterprises), students must

  1. Attendance not less than 75% of the classes
  2. An overall pass rate of 50% and 
  3. A pass rate of 50% in Individual assignment and Group assignment.

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5 Mar 2019





12 Mar 2019





16 Mar 2019

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Days / Time
  • Tuesday, 7:00pm - 10:00pm
  • The course has 14 meetings; 3 hours each; total 42 hours.

Tutor Information




Dr. Kee Chi Hing, JP  紀治興博士,太平紳士
Chair of FSES, MA CUHK

Dr. Kee was the former Corporate Vice President and Hong Kong Managing Director of Hewlett-Packard. Currently he is the chair of the Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES). He was a former member of the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee of Home Affairs Bureau, a member of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund Task Force of Commission on Poverty and a member of the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund of Labor and Welfare Bureau. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor of the Business School in Hong Kong Baptist University and has authored eight books related to social enterprises.


Ms. Leslie Chan  陳惠玲女士
Director of FSES

Leslie is an entrepreneur for more than 15 years. She had gained extensive experience in sales, marketing, business development and general management. She is leading the Social Entrepreneurship School Education program which students from 131 schools had participated in various SE-related activities, and teachers from 53 schools had been trained on how to use social entrepreneurship concepts.


Dr. Clara Kan  簡仲勤博士
Director of FSES

Clara is a veteran in consumer marketing and sales for 23 years. The footprint of her career covered telecommunications, retail, financial services and advertising at various senior positions.  She is leading the Communication program to articulate the achievements and leadership of social entrepreneurship development in Hong Kong.


Dr. Tracy Ng  吳翠霞博士
Director of FSES

Tracy has a long career history of IT consulting services with specialization in project management. In recent years, Tracy provides teaching and consulting services in the private sector & NGO. She is applying project management expertise to the Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement and social entrepreneurship development programs.

Alumni Sharing - Graduated from March 2015 Intake



Ms WONG Wai Sum


Alumni Sharing - Graduated from May 2014 Intake



Deepen my knowledge in strategic planning and decision making!

“I found the course of Management for Social Enterprises well organized and professional. The course is practical with case studies and group assignments about social enterprises in Hong Kong. It was great to have attendees from different work areas to exchange ideas. We learned from each other.

Most valuable for me was to get hands-on practical experience from the lecturers, who were all engaged in social enterprises themselves. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to know more about Social Entrepreneurship and wants to deepen the knowledge of strategic planning and decision making in a social enterprise.”




Mr. TSE Sze Hei

A course filled with actions!

The course content was practical. I learned about social enterprises and about business operation. Some of my classmates have already started their social enterprises. To me, this is not just a course. It’s a course filled with actions!


Mr. CHU Hing Ting

Exceeded my expectation!

“This was more than a course. I have a bachelor degree in business and most of the course content was not new to me. It was the sharing of experiences by the lecturers and alumni who succeeded in starting social enterprises that made the course interesting. The course has exceeded my expectation. It was like a mentorship programme to me that I was able to get some guidance to start my social enterprise.

I was happy to meet a group of passionate people about doing business with a good cause. Have I faced situation when I wanted to give up on starting my business? Yes. Most of the time, these people kept me to stay focused.

If anyone want to start a business in a meaningful way, the Management for Social Enterprises will give you good insights.”



Ms Michelle LEE Ching Man

Passion and rational about solving social problems!

“I am very grateful for this learning experience. The course content of Management for Social Enterprises was comprehensive and practical. Various tools and skills were discussed during the course. I was able to transfer the classroom knowledge into the operation a social enterprise. I found the topic on ‘Quantifying the effect of a social enterprise’ particularly powerful when I used the concept in writing up the funding proposals and evaluation reports.

The teaching team was passionate. Lecturer Kee especially impressed me. He shared with us his valuable commercial working experience, and also the key to enhance the success rate of managing a social enterprise, impressed me. I strongly recommend this course to those who are passionate about solving social problems by means of business.”



Alumni Sharing - Graduated from Aug 2013 Intake


Mr. William LAI Hiu Fung

I like the field trip study… Meet people with passions!

This course raised my awareness on current social enterprises (SE) and their roles in the society. The entire course enlightened us to create value for the society in a sustainable way. Different instructors taught us the core elements to run a sustainable SE business using their professional backgrounds. I particularly like the SEs field trip study. It is interesting to visit stores, experience and return with some inspirations. After taking this course, you will meet people with passions, learn concrete business knowledge and understand the significance of SE or even gain something valuable for yourself.



Mr. Anthony KO King Kar

This course has exceeded my expectation!

The Management for Social Enterprises course provides useful, practical and comprehensive knowledge about SEs. I learnt lots of valuable knowledge and information from the tutors and guest speakers who explain their real experiences as examples during classes. This course has exceeded my expectation when I registered the course. I feel the passion of each tutor and I really enjoy attending each class. This course is highly recommended to anyone who want to know what is SE. It provided a good guidance to set up, operate, sustain and improve a social enterprise. 



Mr. CHENG Chung Yan

I can do it!

After attending this course, my head knowledge about SE (Social Enterprise) has turned into something that I can do. I now have a next step! The course content of the Management for Social Enterprises content has introduced me the concept of a SE and also taught me the steps for creating a real Social Enterprises. If you really want to create a SE business, you must join and gain the real business experiences. 



Alumni Sharing - Graduated from Sept 2012 Intake










課程讓我認識制定完善「業務計劃」(Business Plan)的秘訣,不單可以令創業者預先想到將會遇到的問題,從而現實地全面評估每一範疇並了解其可行性,為社企訂下長遠的目標,而一份好的業務計劃更可以為創業者提供一套管理工具,在業務發展時作為指標。













這個課程最好的地方, 是理論及實踐並重,課程著重具體及系統化的學習,應用於社會企業的工作上。課程期間亦邀請到很多不同的講者,分享多元的意見,使課程十分充實。



Ms Julia Ip Man Chung

The Management for Social Enterprises course has provided me with much more in depth knowledge about related topics on SE's than I originally expected when I registered for the course. I enjoyed each and every class during which Kee shared with us his ample knowledge and personal experience, and also touched us through his passion and commitment for the SE field. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is keen to set foot in the SE market and is seeking for a solid foundation as well as practical guidance on building up a business case in social entrepreneurship.



 Ms Darlene Lau Ka Man

I found the content of the course very comprehensive and practical, it covered issues and things that one has to consider when starting, operating, sustaining and improving a business / a social enterprise.

The tutors and guest speakers were also able to explain different situations by giving us real examples. We really appreciate the speakers’ willingness to share their valuable experience.

"I must say this course exceeded my expectation; and I wish to see it to become even more organized and well-developed!

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Applicants shall:

  • hold a bachelor’s degree awarded by a recognized university or equivalent; or
  • have achieved a level in relevant professional qualifications equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

Applicants with other qualifications and substantial senior level work experience will be considered on individual merit.

Course Fee
  • Course Fee : HK$7100 per programme
  • The CEF Institution Code of HKU SPACE is 100

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Certificate for Module (Management for Social Enterprises)
COURSE CODE 21C08464-6 FEES $ 7,100 ENQUIRY 2867-8477
Continuing Education Fund Continuing Education Fund
This programme has been included in the list of CEF reimbursable programmes. Application for CEF has to be made before commencement of the programme.

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  2. Evidence of every qualification listed on the application form, including original certificates/transcripts and a set of COPY of award certificates and full official transcripts (for bachelor degree level and above and/or professional qualifications).

* Original certificates and transcripts together with the copies are required to be presented to any HKU SPACE Learning Centre for verification.

Payment Method

Tuition fee can be paid by cash / EPS / VISA / MASTER / Cheque in any of HKU SPACE enrolment centres.

Please note the followings:
  1. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. You will receive a payment confirmation after payment has been made successfully. You are advised to keep your payment confirmation for future enquiries.
  2. Fees paid are not refundable except as statutorily provided or under very exceptional circumstances.

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