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HKU SPACE Mileage Scheme for Learning (S-MILES)

HKU SPACE Mileage Scheme for Learning, or S-MILES, was introduced to encourage lifelong learning by offering “mileage” points to learners when they enrol in HKU SPACE courses. Accumulated points can be used as tuition discounts.

HKU SPACE, is gradually discontinuing the Scheme with effect from 1 July 2010. Mileage points are not be awarded to course applications (both part-time and full-time programmes) made on 1 July 2010 and thereafter. The School continues to honour mileage points already accumulated by learners before 30 June 2010, and used as discounts for enrolments during the validity period. The points cannot be used in CEF reimbursable programmes or modules.


Learners may check their mileage status via the Learner Portal, contact our Enrolment Centres or call us at 3761 1111 for enquiries.

HKU SPACE reserves the right to interpret and amend the terms and conditions of the Scheme.