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On behalf of the University of the Arts London, I am delighted to congratulate HKU SPACE on its 60th anniversary.

For 60 years HKU SPACE has been at the forefront of new learning opportunities at many different levels for people from all walks of life. This commitment to lifelong learning and professional advancement is distinctive and impressive. 

The global partnership between UAL and HKU SPACE may be relatively young but we see great potential for its growth. It links our two institutions, but also the cultural and creative industries of London and Hong Kong. The joint delivery of two MA programmes linked to these industries is providing a new pipeline to the cultural and creative sector, and enabling the development of globally networked graduates.

I wish HKU SPACE and its staff and students a wonderful 60th anniversary celebration!


Nigel Carrington

Vice-Chancellor of  the University of the Arts London





















































Dreams and ambitions successfully continue 60 years on

The University of London is privileged to have worked with HKU SPACE for 60 years, and as Vice-Chancellor of the University of London, I congratulate you all on reaching this milestone. 

During this period, HKU SPACE has gone from strength to strength in providing a quality educational experience for students studying for an internationally recognised award from the University of London.  

In his 10th Anniversary Message to HKU SPACE, the first director of Extra-Mural Studies at Honk Kong University, Mr Gerald Moore, said its aims were ‘to create a movement in adult education which might match the energy and eagerness of the surrounding atmosphere.’ He went on to say that: ‘…no such activity can rest on its achievements. It must be always on the move, always looking for fresh opportunities and challenges in the society around it.’  

Sixty years on, HKU SPACE continues to seek out fresh opportunities and challenges, in line with the dreams and ambitions of its founders. The University of London is proud to have played its role in this development. We look forward to continuing our relationship with HKU SPACE, and to ensuring future success.

Many congratulations from the University of London to HKU SPACE on its 60th Anniversary.

Professor Sir Adrian Smith FRS,

Vice-Chancellor, University of London



Congratulations on 60 years of academic excellence


On behalf of the University of London, I would like to congratulate HKU Space on its 60th Anniversary.
It was not until after the Second World War that the University of London International Programmes, then known as the External System, extended its reach to Hong Kong, when Hong Kong University, set up its Department of Extra-Mural Studies, 60 years ago.   

This department subsequently became known as the School of Professional and Continuing Education, HKU SPACE.  More recently HKU SPACE has been recognised as an Affiliate Centre under the University of London’s Teaching Recognition Framework.  This is the highest level of recognition given to any teaching institution by the University of London.

Over the years, HKU SPACE has continued to attract students of the highest calibre. It has also demonstrated a sustained commitment to developing excellence in all areas, and in doing so it has kept pace with the changing needs of its students and employers.  HKU SPACE continues to provide students with a unique learning experience leading to an invaluable academic award from the University of London, which is internationally recognised.

The University of London International Programmes is proud of its long association with HKU SPACE, and looks forward to building on this foundation in years to come.

On behalf of the University of London, I would like to wish HKU SPACE, its staff and students, all the best for the future.


Dr Mary Stiasny OBE

Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), University of London










The University of Hull extends its warmest congratulations to HKU SPACE in its Diamond Jubilee Year 2017. We are proud of our long-standing partnership, which includes welcoming almost 3,500 graduates to our alumni in the last ten years. We look forward to ever closer partnership working in the future, building on the many successes we have shared over the past decade.


Professor Alan Speight

PVC Education, University of Hull





On behalf of the University of Plymouth I am delighted to congratulate HKU SPACE and its predecessor, the Department of Extra-Mural Studies, a happy sixtieth anniversary.  HKU SPACE is a key strategic partner of the University and plays a vital role within our own internationalisation strategy.  We look forward to the on-going and growing relationship between our two institutions.


Professor Simon Payne

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, International and Planning, University of Plymouth











Can I take this opportunity to wish you and HKU SPACE continued success during and beyond your 60th Anniversary celebrations this year. Ulster University is very proud of its continued collaboration with HKU SPACE and we look forward to building on our strong partnerships in teaching, learning, and scholarship. HKU SPACE has been a good friend and many of the School's characteristics share Ulster's ethos of widening participation, a focus on employability, a deep civic contribution, and a continual pursuit of academic excellence. Ulster University would like to send its best wishes for your 60th Anniversary celebrations marking this momentous occasion.


Professor Paddy Nixon

Vice-Chancellor and President of Ulster University