Creating your SPACE


Learning is a journey. For some, it’s a weathered path full of intriguing twists and turns; others welcome the stimulating trials and challenges; and many find exquisite joy in the blossoming flora they encounter along the way. As HKU SPACE celebrates its 60th anniversary, we are honored to have four alumni to share their journeys of learning with us, and talk about their experiences, and the beautiful scenery they encountered over the years. 


Lam Chiu Ying, the former Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, takes us deep into the forest and contemplates the philosophical lessons he gained from bird watching. For Lam, learning is the most constructive form of leisure. Law Hiu Fung, a professional athlete and prominent Hong Kong rower, tells us how learning inspired him during a perceived impasse in his sporting career, and how the experience helped him to build a stronger sense of self. For world-class snooker player Ng On Yee, learning stimulates her intellectual and creative thinking, which in turn directly enhances her performance in competitions. And last but not least,  Dr Ko Wing-man explains how he complemented his training in Western medicine with new knowledge from Chinese medicine, to build a truly person-oriented practice enriched with the subtle nuances of deep theories and traditions from the East.


Through their stories, we discover that each journey of learning is unique, with each voyage resulting in personal growth, intellectual and spiritual development, and an enriched personal space in which to thrive. Perhaps it’s now time to plan your own journey, and create and cultivate your own special space in which you can learn, grow, and flourish.



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