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HKU SPACE News Express Nov 2021
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善用二萬元 CEF資助 整合工作與生活

Bring your work and life in harmony with the $20,000 CEF subsidy!

In the past, people emphasised having a good work-life balance. By this they usually meant ‘boxes’ of time for work and other ‘boxes’ of time for “life”. However, in recent years, society has begun to promote the idea of work-life integration, which means prioritising the development of both career and your interests simultaneously and switching between the two flexibly, so you can develop your passions while also building a meaningful life!

Do what you love

Work occupies most of our lives. So, if you want to improve the quality of your life, start with "doing work that you love". Work and life are not, or at least should not be, in opposing relationships. As long as you can find a job and working mode that is suitable for you, work can add enormous value to your life.

If you would like to explore more possibilities for your career and learn, for example, professional accounting knowledge, to carry out financial analysis for different companies and deal with various administrative issues; or learn how to plan large-scale events, broaden your horizons, and enjoy the satisfaction of managing different programmes; or encourage companies to promote sustainable development, practice social responsibility, and change society gradually, then why not take a step towards fulfilling these desires.

Enjoy your life

Besides work, we need to live well, strive to add value to ourselves and learn to appreciate the life we are given. Learn to brew fine coffee, experience the colour, aroma, taste, and rhyme of different coffee beans; improve your piano skills and express your emotions through music; or learn more about negative pressure cupping and scrapping , nutritional food therapy , law , big data and so on, actively develop a ‘side hustle’, adding more to your life and more to you as a person.

Both “work-life balance” and “work-life integration” are designed to encourage us to find our own rhythm and master our own lives. Through continuous learning, we can explore our own paths better. HKU SPACE has more than 2,000 Continuing Education Fund (CEF) courses covering 62 areas of interest. Use the $20,000 government subsidy well, learn now and enjoy the beauty of life!

善用二萬元 CEF資助 整合工作與生活






無論你是追求工作與生活的平衡還是整合,兩種概念都是爲了找到自己的節奏,好好掌握生活。我們需要透過不斷學習,探索人生更好的每一步。 HKU SPACE擁有逾2,000個持續進修基金(CEF)課程,涵蓋62個興趣範疇。馬上善用二萬元政府資助,學在當下,享受生活中的美好!

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