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HKU SPACE Receives 5-Year Extension of ASIIN Accreditation Seal

HKU SPACE Receives 5-Year Extension of ASIIN Accreditation Seal

In relation to the International Quality Review, the German Agency, the Accreditation Agency for Study Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN) has now confirmed that our institutional accreditation seal has been extended for 5 years until 30 September 2028. This confirms that HKU SPACE fulfils the institutional, procedural and cultural requirements for good teaching and successful learning. The experts commended that “HKU SPACE's institutional leadership is particularly strong, and the institution is procedurally rigorous.”

The ASIIN review was carried out on 5 July 2022 in the form of a virtual audit by the international expert panel. The accreditation was based on the Criteria for the ASIIN System Seal / Institutional Accreditation / Institutional Assessment. This set of criteria is designed for quality development in teaching and learning (in line with the European Standards and Guidelines 2015). The criteria refer to (I) the definition of quality and its management, (II) their application in the educational provisions the Higher Education Institution (HEI) is offering, (III) the management of its resources and (IV) quality related transparency and documentation.

The report was positive and showed that HKU SPACE scored highly over the entire range of the four sets of criteria. The strongest categories across the board were quality management systems/governance, the process for the creation and development of study programmes as well as rules and regulations and transparency and documentation.

Key findings are as follows:

  • The experts see multiple evidence of an effective leadership and a management culture that is proactive and geared to the further development of the institution. They are particularly impressed by the manifold, well-functioning quality management systems in place, which are constantly and consistently monitoring the success of HKU SPACE´s operations on most levels

  • The experts commend HKU SPACE on its comprehensive planning processes, which are geared to the further improvement of its study programmes.

  • The experts find a strong centralised management in relation to rules and regulations pertaining to programmes. The website and detailed programme prospectus contain all relevant information for its diverse educational offerings.

  • The experts identify a strong emphasis on documentation at HKU SPACE. Meetings and decisions are regularly well-documented. External legal requirements relevant for documentation and transparency are continuously taken into consideration in the respective processes.

Finally the Panel concluded HKU SPACE has a strong base to build on and promising potential to further develop as a World Class Centre of Excellence in Continuing Education, Lifelong Learning and Transnational Education.






  • 評審專家指出,眾多事例均反映學院擁有高效領導及主動的管理文化,有利於學院的未來發展。他們尤其欣賞學院多樣化及行之有效的學術質素管理制度,這些制度能持續不斷在不同層面監察學院運作,確保政策有效推行。

  • 評審專家讚揚學院具備全面的規劃過程,為進一步改進課程做好準備。

  • 評審專家發現學院擁有一套完善的中央管理,處理與課程相關的守則及規例;並設有網站和製作詳細課程手冊,明確列出學院多元化教育課程的所有相關資料。

  • 評審專家認為,學院非常重視文書檔案紀錄,會議及決議均有按時詳細紀錄,並在過程中持續參考有關文書及透明度的外部法律要求。


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