Newsletter Issue No. 78

03 胡國強先生 Mr Andrew Wu Kwok-keung 楊紫芝教授 Professor the Honourable Rosie Young Tse-tse 四位榮譽院士對生活和工作充滿熱忱,除了他們卓 然有成之外,更積極扶掖後進,實為後輩學習的典 範。 自1957 年創校至今,香港大學專業進修學院服務 香港 65 載,得蒙來自不同專業界別的翹楚鼎力支 持,在不同方面為學院的進步作出建樹,推動學院 成為一所提供優質持續教育的領導機構。學院於 2014 年設立榮譽院士制度,藉此表彰為學院、學 術界及香港作出重要貢獻的社會精英,同時印證學 院與本地社區和教育界的緊密聯繫。 These four individuals are full of enthusiasm about their life and work. In addition to their great achievements, they also actively guide and help younger generat ions. They are excellent learning examples for young people to follow. The School has been serving Hong Kong for 65 years since its establishment in 1957. It has received strong support from leaders of dif ferent professional circles, who have made contributions to the School’s progress in different aspects and have promoted it to become a leading institution in providing highquality continuing education. Since 2014, the School has awarded the Honorary Fellowship to recognise those who have made important contributions to the School, academia and Hong Kong, confirming the School’s close relationship with the local community and the education sector.