Newsletter Issue No. 78

04 香港大學專業進修學院榮獲 ASIIN 機構認證標誌 HKU SPACE was awarded ASIIN Institutional Accreditation Seal 香港大學專業進修學院繼在 2021 年 10 月進行 的國際學術質素評審後,現榮獲德國工程、信息 科學、自然科學和數學專業認證機構(ASIIN) 頒授機構認證標誌。ASIIN 確認學院在機構、程 序及文化方面,已達到良好教學及成功學習的要 求,並全面符合歐洲高等教育區質素保證標準 及指引(ESG – the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area)。評審專家讚揚,「香港大學專 業進修學院在機構領導層面尤其優秀,而且在程 序處理上嚴謹縝密」。ASIIN 特向學院頒授機構認 證標誌,進一步認可學院的學術質素。 有關認證以 ASIIN 制度標誌/機構評審/機構 評核的準則作為依據,注重教學的質素發展(與 2015 年歐洲標準及指引一致),並考慮:(I) 學術 質素的定義及管理;(II) 在高等教育機構所提供的 教育課程上的應用;(III) 資源管理;以及 (IV) 與 學術質素相關的透明度與文書紀錄。 評審報告顯示,學院在上述四大範疇均有卓越表 現,而且在學術質素管理制度/管治、課程開拓 和發展過程、守則和規例,以及透明度和文書紀 錄方面尤其出色。 評審報告重點包括: • 評審專家指出,眾多事例均反映學院擁有高效 領導及主動的管理文化,有利於學院的未來發 展。 • 評審專家讚揚學院具備全面的規劃過程,為進 一步改進課程做好準備。 • 評審專家發現學院擁有一套完善的中央管理, 處理與課程相關的守則及規例。 • 評審專家認為,學院非常重視文書檔案紀錄, 並在過程中持續參考有關文書及透明度的外部 法律要求。 香港大學專業進修學院院長李經文教授表示:「我 很高興代表學院接受 ASIIN 官方認證。該認證反 映學院的學術質素保證制度得到國際認可,而且 報告內容十分正面,充分肯定我們對專業及持續 教育以及終身學習的貢獻和承諾,亦證明學院的 管治架構及學術質素保證制度穩健可靠。」 最後,評審小組總結認為,香港大學專業進修學 院具備具備穩健根基和深遠潛力,可望在持續教 育、終身學習和跨國教育的領域上發展成為領導 國際的優質學府。評審小組提出了多項建議,以 協助學院達成這個宏願,學院將詳細研究有關建 議並於未來數月作適當跟進。 HKU SPACE was awarded ASIIN Institutional Accreditation Seal HKU SPACE wa s awa r d e d t h e AS I I N inst i tut ional accredi tat ion seal as a fol low up to its International Quality Review (IQR) in October 2021. The German agency, the Accreditation Agency for Study Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN) confirmed that HKU SPACE fulfils the institutional, procedural and cultural requirements for good teaching and successful learning as well as meeting the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher European Area (ESG). The experts commend that “HKU SPACE's institutional leadership is particularly strong, and the institution is procedurally rigorous.” The accreditation was based on the Criteria for the ASI IN System Seal / Inst i tut ional Accredi tat ion / Inst i tut ional Assessment . This set of cri teria is designed for qual i ty development in teaching and learning (in line with the European Standards and Guidelines 2015). The criteria refer to (I) the definition of quality and its management, (II) their application in the educat ional prov is ions the Higher Education Institution (HEI) is offering, (III) the management of its resources and (IV) quality related transparency and documentation. The report showed that HKU SPACE scored highly over the entire range of the four sets of criteria. The strongest categories across the board were quality management systems/ governance, the process for the creation and development of study programmes as well as rules and regulations and transparency and documentation. Key findings are as follows: • The experts see multiple evidence of an ef fective leadership and a management culture that is proactive and geared to the further development of the institution. • The experts commend HKU SPACE on its comprehensive planning processes, which are geared to the further improvement of its study programmes. • The exper ts f ind a st rong cent ra l i sed managemen t i n re l a t i on to ru l es and regulations pertaining to programmes. • The experts identify a stringent emphasis on documentation at HKU SPACE. External legal requirements relevant for documentation and transparency are continuously taken into consideration in the respective processes. Professor William K.M. Lee, the Director of the HKU SPACE, said, “I am very happy to receive this formal recognition from ASIIN which demonstrates that our quality assurance systems receive global recogni t ion. This posi t ive repor t shows our dedicat ion and commitment to professional and continuing education and lifelong learning, and that our governance structure and quality assurance systems are sound.” Finally the Panel concluded the HKU SPACE has a strong base to build on and promising potential to further develop as a World Class Centre of Excellence in Continuing Education, Lifelong Learning and Transnational Education. It has made a number of recommendations to assist the School in this endeavour which will be followed up in the coming months. 香港大學專業進修學院榮獲 ASIIN 機構認證標誌