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Reset your mind for a new way of life

The pandemic has re-shaped our lives in ways we could hardly imagine. As the world is changing faster and faster, new knowledge may be created in any field at any time. And every day it seems, we are having to learn new ways of living and change our mindsets just to keep up. We need to embrace all kinds of new ideas in our personal lives and work, in order to overcome challenges and grasp new opportunities in the new era!

Companies have always used rules to manage employees , but nowadays having no rules may in fact lead to higher productivity? Meat made from plants is more environmentally friendly than meat made from, well, meat! But is it good for us as it may have lower nutrition value, and may not necessarily be healthier? The hospitality business has suffered a lot in recent years, could boutique hotels create a whole new market using creative business strategy ? The old State Theatre in North Point, could it actually turn out to be a Grade I historic building in Hong Kong with globally unique architectural design ? Surprises and new opportunities are all around us. All we need to do is to start learning and adjust our mindsets to look at the new way of life through different lens!

As a higher education institution, our school has the largest offering of Continuing Education Fund (CEF) reimbursable courses in Hong Kong, with over 2,000 CEF courses, covering 61 areas of interest. For work or for leisure, there is always something new you can learn. Our new 2021 Autumn prospectus is now ready. Click here to download an electronic version, or visit our learning centres or distribution points to obtain a printed copy for free.

反轉既定思維 學習新日常


公司習慣使用規則管理員工,但原來「零規則」規管下員工生產力更高?植物肉比動物肉更環保,但可能會於營養方面有所缺乏,不一定更健康?疫情下酒店業發展大不如前,精品酒店如何「出奇招」逐漸攻佔市場?坐落北角一甲子的皇都戲院看似殘破,但原來是香港一級歷史建築,其建築設計及裝飾更是世上絕無僅有? 生活中蘊含種種驚喜,馬上開啟學習旅程,扭轉思考模式,學習新日常!

學院是全港最多持續進修基金 (CEF) 課程的專上院校,提供逾2,000個CEF課程,涵蓋61個興趣學科,無論為工作或為興趣,總有你想學。2021秋季課程手冊現已出版,立即按此下載電子版,或到訪各大教學中心派發點免費索取。

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Upcoming Events
4 Oct Online Financial Postgraduate Diplomas Information Seminar
網上應用金融工程深造文憑 / 投資管理學及智能金融深造文憑 / 投資管理學深造文憑 課程講座
5 Oct Online Executive Certificate / Diploma Information Seminar - Big Data and FinTech Series
網上行政人員文憑及證書課程講座 - 大數據及金融科技系列
Accounting and Finance
Arts, Design and Culture
Business and Management
Full-time International Degree Programmes
Investment Management
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