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Let’s utilise the $25K CEF subsidy to pursue a self-directed life

Let’s utilise the $25K CEF subsidy to pursue a self-directed life

Do you remember the wish list you once wrote when you finally found a moment of stillness amidst the daily hustle and bustle? As you pass through different stages of your life, you may not have fulfilled all your aspirations yet.

However, with determination, you can embark on a new study plan and utilise the Government’s $25,000 Continuing Education Fund (CEF) subsidy. This means you can cultivate new interests or expertise to lead a fulfilling self-directed second half of your life while reigniting your passion for living.

Strive for your dreams and reach the pinnacle of success in your career

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business or taking your career to the next level? In this new era, the emphasis is on integrating diverse professional knowledge. By enhancing skills in, say, brand communications, financial management, and performance management, you can achieve a more comprehensive career development. Staying informed about emerging industries like the global sports business and family offices is equally essential. This way and with a creative mindset, you can achieve outstanding results with half the effort.

Explore new interests to add further dimensions to your life

To live a truly fulfilling life, find hobbies and interests you love and pursue them with passion. Whether your interests lie in sports, music or cooking, the feeling of true-life satisfaction often comes from continuous growth and challenges.

You could be planning to travel in different countries while unlocking language skills. Travel could also involve savouring life's moments through things like tea appreciation, the tao of incense, and other activities that can alleviate stress and help you reconnect with your passions and interests, ultimately creating an ideal lifestyle.

As the largest provider of CEF courses in Hong Kong, HKU SPACE offers over 1,700 CEF courses, covering 89 areas of interest, including business, the humanities, technology, and health sciences. HKU SPACE continues to work closely with learners to unleash their full potential.

善用 2.5 萬元CEF資助,追尋自主人生

每天營營役役,忙這忙那,當你靜下來時,可會記起自己曾經寫過的心願清單?在人生不同階段,有些心願或許尚未達成,但只要下定決心,善用2.5萬元持續進修基金 (CEF)資助,培養興趣或專長,必能自主人生下半場,重燃對生活的熱情。





作爲全港擁有最多最廣CEF課程的專上院校,HKU SPACE提供逾1,700個CEF課程,涵蓋商業、人文、科技及健康科學等89個興趣範疇。HKU SPACE繼續攜手與大家學習不停步,發掘你的無限潛能。

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